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One of the first four Regiments to respond to the call after the start of hostilities. It lost 4 enlisted men to disease during the Civil War.

April 16 Gathered at Boston for 90 days service under Colonel Timothy Munroe, Lieutenant Colonel Edward W. Hincks and Major Andrew Elwell
April 18 Left State for Washington
April 20-21 Moved from Philadelphia to Annapolis, Md., via Perryville
April 24-26 March to Washington, D.C. and duty there
May 15 Colonel Munroe resigned due to physical debility. Lieutenant Colonel Edward W. Hincks was promoted to colonel and Major Elwell to lieutenant colonel.
May 15 At Relay House
July 29-30 Moved to Boston
August 1 Mustered out under Colonel Hincks
July 13 to 26 Organized at Readville for 100 days service
July 20 Left State for Baltimore, Md.; Attached to 3rd Separate Brigade, 8th Army Corps, Middle Department and service at Camp at Mankin’s Woods
August 12 –
October 28
Draft Rendezvous for Maryland and Delaware

Company B on duty at hospitals;
Companies A to K on Provost duty in Baltimore;
Companies D, E, G and H at Camp Bradford, near Baltimore;

Companies C, F and I guard Northern Central Railroad.

August 15 –
September 25
Headquarters at Cockeyville, Md., then at Camp Bradford
October 28 Moved to Massachusetts
November 10 Mustered out