United States Regiments & Batteries

During the Civil War Michigan provided the Union Army with 86,866 men. They served in 11 regiments and 2 indpendent companies of cavalry, 1 heavy artillery regiment, 14 batteries of light artilery, 1 regiment and 1 independent company of engineers, 1 regiment and 8 indpendent companies of sharpshooters, and 65 regiments and 2 independent companies of infantry. Many of these fought in the western theater, but a significant number fought in the east for at least a part of their history. *


1st Michigan • 2nd Michigan • 3rd Michigan • 4th Michigan  • 5th Michigan • 6th Michigan • 7th Michigan

8th Michigan • 16th Michigan • 17th Michigan • 20th Michigan • 24th Michigan • 26th Michigan • 27th Michigan


1st Michigan Sharpshooters


1st Michigan Cavalry • 5th Michigan Cavalry • 6th Michigan Cavalry • 7th Michigan Cavalry


9th Michigan Battery • 10th Michigan Battery • 13th Michigan Battery • 14th Michigan Battery