United States Regiments & Batteries

New Hampshire provided 33,055 men to the Union Army during the Civil War, organized into 2 regiments of cavalry; 1 regiment of heavy artillery; 1 battery of light artilery; 3 companies of sharpshooters; and 17 regiments of infantry. *


1st New Hampshire  • 2nd New Hampshire  • 3rd New Hampshire  • 4th New Hampshire 5th New Hampshire

6th New Hampshire •  7th New Hampshire  • 9th New Hampshire • 10th New Hampshire 

11th New Hampshire • 12th New Hampshire  • 13th New Hampshire • 14th New Hampshire • 18th New Hampshire


1st New Hampshire Heavy Artillery • 1st New Hampshire Artillery, Battery A


1st New Hampshire Cavalry

The 8th Infantry Regiment (which became the 2nd Cavalry), and the 15th and 16th Infantry Regiments served outside the eastern theater. The 17th Infantry Regiment never completed its organization.