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“Astor Rifles” “1st German Infantry”

The 29th New York Volunteer Infantry Regiment lost 2 officers and 40 enlisted men killed and mortally wounded and 1 officer and 21 enlisted men to disease.

Organized at New York City
June 6 Thirty-five officers and 745 men mustered in to two years United States service under Colonel Adolph von Steinwehr, Lieutenant Colonel Clemens Soest and Major Louis Livingston. The regiment was armed with Model 1840 smoothbore percussion muskets and supplied with tents and equipment.
June 21 Left State for Washington, D.C. by rail through Jersey City, Philadelphia and Baltimore. Attached to Blenker’s Brigade, Miles’ Division, McDowell’s Army of Northeast Virginia
June 23 Arrived in Washington at Camp Dorsheimer
July 9 Mpved to Arlington Heights
July 13 Marched to Alexandria
July 16-21 Advance on Manassas, Va.
July 17 March past Relay House
July 18 Marched seven miles and camped near Centerville Road
July 19 To Centerville
July 20 On outpost duty past Centerville
July 21
Battle of Bull Run

The regiment lost 2 enlisted men killed, 1 officer and 8 enlisted men wounded, and 35 enlisted men missing or capture. A company of the 29th took the abandoned guns of Captain Varian’s battery, whose enlistment had expired on the eve of the battle, fought the guns, and returned with them to Washington. The company was permanently detached from the regiment, becoming the First New York Independent Battery.

July 23 Returned to Washington and quartered in the Caspari House
July 26 Recrossed Potomac and moved to Roach’s Mills
August Duty in the Defenses of Washington, D.C. attached to Blenker’s Brigade, Division of the Potomac. Construction of Forts Blenker, Cameron and Scott
October Attached to Blenker’s Brigade, Hooker’s Division, Army of the Potomac
October 12 To Munson’s Hill
October 26 To Baily’s Farm
November 1 To Baily’s Cross Roads
November 10 To winter quarters at Camp Hunter’s Chapel
January Attached to 2nd Brigade, Blenker’s Division, Army of the Potomac
January 18 The regiment’s smoothbore muskets were replaced with Model 1861 Springfield rifled muskets
March 14 Attached to 2nd Brigade, Blenker’s 2nd Division, 2nd Army Corps, Army of the Potomac
March 15 Marched to Fairfax Court House
March 24 To Centerville
March 25 To Manassas Junction
March 26 To Turkey River
March 27 To Warrenton Junction
April 5-18 Movement to Winchester, Va. and attached to 2nd Brigade, Blenker’s Division, Dept. of the Mountains
April 6 To Warrenton
April 7 To Salem
April-June Operations in the Shenandoah Valley
April 11 To Paris via Piedmont and Upperville and picketed Blue Ridge
April 15 To Lake’s House via Upperville
April 16 To Snickersville and Snicker’s Ferry
April 17 Crossed the Shenandoah and moved to Perrysville and Opequon Hill
May 5 Captain Louis Hartmann of Company A promoted to major
May 6 To Black Creek via Winchester
May 7 To Hanging Rock
May 8 To Romney
May 9 To Burlington
May 10 – 11 To Petersburg
May 12 -13 To Franklin
May 25 – 26 Returned to Petersburg
May 27 To Moorfield
May 30 To Martinsville
May 31 Near Strasburg
June 1 Attacked by Confederates
June 2 – 3 To Woodstock
June 4 To Edenburg
June 5 To Ockersetstown and Mount Jackson
June 6 To New Market
June 7 Near Harrisonburg
June 8
Battle of Cross Keys

The regiment lost 1 officer and 1 enlisted man wounded and 6 enlisted men missing or captured

June 9 Advanced as skirmishers. Major Hartmann promoted to lieutenant colonel.
June 10 Returned to Harrisonburg
June 11 To New Market
June 12 To Mount Jackson
June 20 To Woodstock
June 21 – 22 To Strasburg and camped behind the fortifications
June 24 To Cedar Creek
June 25 Attached to 1st Brigade, 2nd Division, 1st Army Corps, Pope’s Army of Virginia
June 30 Lieutenant Colonel Soest promoted to colonel with rank from June 9
July 2 Colonel Von Steinwehr discharged for promotion to brigadier general of volunteers
July 7 At Sperryville
July 8 To Front Royal
July 9 To Milford
July 10 To Thornton’s Gap camping near Schenk’s Farm
August 8 To Sperryville
August 9 To Culpeper
August 10 – 11 To Cedar Mountain
August 19 Returned to Culpeper
August 20 To Sulphur Springs
August 21 To Catlett’s Station
August 22 To Rappahannock Station
August 23 To Sulphur Springs
August 24
Sulphur Springs

The regiment destroyed the bridge

August 25 To Waterloo
August 26 To Warenton
August 27 To New Baltimore
August 28 To Gainsville
August 28
Battle of Groveton

The regiment was detached from the brigade and attached to General Schuz’s Division. It lost 1 officer and 25 enisted men killed or mortally wounded and 61 wounded

August 29-30
Second Battle of Bull Run

The regiment rejoined its brigade and lost 6 men killed or mortally wounded, 26 wounded and 1 officer and 20 enlisted men missing or captured

September 1 Marched to Fairfax Court House
September 2 To Chain Bridge
September Duty in the Defenses of Washington, D.C. Attached to 1st Brigade, 2nd Division, 11th Army Corps, Army of the Potomac
September 10 To Miner’s Hill, near Fall’s Church
September 23 To Bailey’s Cross Roads
September 25 To Fairfax Court House
November 2 Moved to Centreville
November 3 To Hay Market
November 7 To New Baltimore
November 9 To Thorofare Gap
November 17 Returned to Hay Market
November 18 To Bull Run
November 19 To Centerville and Germantown
December 10-16 Moved to support of Burnside at Fredericksburg, Va.
December 10 To Fairfax Station
December 11 To Wolf’s Run Shoals and Occoquan Hill
December 12 To Dumfries
December 14 To Stafford Court House
December 15 To Rappahannock
December 16 To Falmouth
January 20-24 “Mud March”
February-April In winter quarters at Stafford Court House
March 24 Captain Alexander Von Schleumbach of Company I promoted to major
April 13 Marched to Hartwood Church. Colonel Soest resigns.
April 14 To Kelly’s Ford; detached to guard railroad bridge
April 18 Returned to Kelly’s Ford
April 27-May 6 Chancellorsville Campaign
April 28 Detached and stationed on the Rappahannock to guard pontoons
April 29 – 30 To Chancellorsville
May 1-5
Battle of Chancellorsville

The regiment lost 1 officer and 7 enlisted men killed or mortally wounded, Lieutenant Colonel Hartmann, 3 other officers and 45 enlisted men wounded, and 1 officer and 38 enlisted men missing or captured.

May 6 Recrossed the Rappahannock
May 7 Returned to winter camp at Stafford Court House
May 9 Lieutenant Colonel Hartmann was promoted to colonel and Major Von Schleumback to lieutenant colonel but neither were mustered
June 2 Left camp for Aquia Creek
June 3 Arrived in Washington and entrained for New York
June 4 Arrived New York
June 20 Mustered out, expiration of term, under Lieutenant Colonel Hartmann and Major Von Schleumback. Three years’ men consolidated into Independent Company 29th New York Infantry, with provost duty at Headquarters 11th Army Corps, Army of the Potomac, and Army of the Cumberland to April 19. 1864, when transferred to 68th Regiment New York Infantry.