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The 2nd New York Heavy Artillery Regiment lost 10 officers and 204 enlisted men killed or mortally wounded and 247 enlisted men to disease during the Civil War.

Organized at Staten Island, N.Y.
August 23 Company B mustered in
September 18 Companies C & D mustered in
October 2 Companies A & E mustered in
October 15 Companies F, G and H mustered in
November 7 Companies A-H left State for Washington, D. C.,
November 18 Company L mustered in
December 11 Companies I and K mustered in
December 2 Company L left State for Washington
December 12 Company M mustered in
December 12 Companies I, K & M left State for Washington
December Duty in the Defenses of Washington attached to Military District of Washington, D.C.
March Battery “L” detached and and designated 34th New York Independent Battery
May Attached to Sturgis’ Command, Military District of Washington
August Pope’s Campaign in Northern Virginia
August 27 Action at Bull Run Bridge, Va.
August 29-30
Second Battle of Bull Run


January Attached to Artillery, District of Alexandria, Va.
February Attached to Artillery, District of Alexandria, 22nd Army Corps, Dept. of Washington
April Attached to 1st Brigade, DeRussy’s Division, 22nd Army Corps
April Attached to 2nd Brigade, DeRussy’s Division, 22nd Army Corps
May 15 Ordered to join Army of the Potomac in the field. Attached to Tyler’s Heavy Artillery Division, 2nd Army Corps, Army of the Potomac
May 29 Attached to 1st Brigade, 1st Division, 2nd Army Corps
May-June Rapidan Campaign
May 18-21
Spotsylvania Court House
May 19
Harris Farm or Fredericksburg Road
May 23-26
North Anna River
May 26-28 On line of the Pamunkey
May 28-31 Totopotomy
June 1-12 Cold Harbor
June 3
Assault at Cold Harbor
June 16-18
First Assault on Petersburg
June 16 – April 2 Siege of Petersburg
June 22-23 Jerusalem Plank Road
July 27-28 Deep Bottom
July 30
Mine Explosion, Petersburg (Reserve)
August 14-18 Deep Bottom, Strawberry Plains
August 25
Ream’s Station
October 27-28 Boydton Plank Road, Hatcher’s Run
December 9-10 Reconnaissance to Hatcher’s Run
December 9 Hatcher’s Run
February 5-7
Dabney’s Mills, Hatcher’s Run
March 25 Watkins’ House
March 28-April 9 Appomattox Campaign
March 29-30 On line of Hatcher’s and Gravelly Runs
March 31
Hatcher’s Run or Boydton Road and White Oak Road
April 2 Sutherland Station and fall of Petersburg
April 5 Amelia Springs
April 6 Sailor’s Creek
April 7
High Bridge and Farmville
April 9
Appomattox Court House

Surrender of Lee and his army.

May 2-12 March to Washington, D.C.
May 23 Grand Review
June Duty at Washington, D.C. attached to 1st Brigade, DeRussy’s Division, 22nd Army Corps
September 29 Mustered out at Washington, D.C., and honorably discharged from service