United States Regiments & Batteries

January Stationed at Fortress Monroe, Va.
April Garrison at Fortress Monroe, Va. Attached to District Fortress Monroe, Va., Dept. of Virginia
February 12 Ordered to the field in North Carolina
February At Fort Hatteras, N. C. attached to Burnside’s North Carolina Expeditionary Corps
February 14 Battle of New Berne
March 12-14 Burnside’s Expedition against New Berne
March 23 Capture of Morehead City
March 23-
April 25
Operations against Fort Macon attached to Dept. North Carolina
April 25 Capture of Fort Macon
May-December Garrison duty at Fort Macon
December Assigned to Artillery Brigade, Dept. North Carolina
January 26-February 5 Foster’s Expedition to Port Royal, S.C. Assigned to Artillery Brigade, 18th Corps, Dept. of North Carolina
April At St. Helena Island and Hilton Head, S. C. Assigned to District Hilton Head, S.C., 10th Corps, Dept. South
April 3-13 Expedition against Charleston
June Moved to Folly Island, S.C. Assigned to Folly Island, S.C., 10th Corps
July 10 Attacked on Morris Island, S.C.
July 11 Siege of Fort Wagner and Battery Gregg, Morris Island, and operations against Fort Sumter and Charleston, S.C. Assigned to Morris Island, S. C., 10th Corps.
September 7 Capture of Forts Wagner and Gregg
September-December On Ordnance duty
December Assigned to Fort Macon, N. C., Dept. Virginia and North Carolina
January At Fort Macon, N. C., and in the Dept. of North Carolina
July 25 Joined Battery “D,” 1st Artillery, before Petersburg, Va. and temporarily consolidated with it. Attached to Artillery Brigade, 10th Army Corps, Army of the James.
Siege of Petersburg, Va.
August 13-20 Demonstration north of the James
August 14 Deep Bottom
August 15 Deep Run
August 16 Russell’s Mills
August 16-18 Strawberry Plains
September 28-30 Battle of Chaffin’s Farm, New Market Heights
October 7 Laurel Hill
October Duty north of the James before Richmond
October 27-28 Battle of Fair Oaks
October 31-November 5 Detached from Battery D and moved to Concord, N.H.
November 28 To Fort Independence, Boston Harbor, and duty there until October, 1865.