50 officers graduated in the West Point Class of 1841
34 served in the Civil War

Class of 1841 members who served in the Civil War

For Federal officers indicated rank is as U.S. Volunteers unless shown as “USA,” which indicates rank in the Regular U.S. Army.

Harvey A. Allen 15 Major USA
Samuel S. Anderson 18 Colonel
John Beardsley 36 Colonel
Andrew W. Bowman 40 Major USA
John Milton Brannan 23 Brigadier General
William Thomas Harbaugh Brooks 46 Major General
Don Carlos Buell 32 Major General
Abraham Buford 51 Brigadier General
Alexander C.H. Darne 45 Major* *Maryland militia
Sewall L. Fremont 17 Colonel
Franklin F. Flint 35 Lt. Colonel USA
Julius P. Garesché 16 Lieutenant Colonel Killed Stone River, Tenn., Dec. 1862
Richard Brooke Garnett 29 Brigadier General Killed Gettysburg, Pa. July 1863
Robert S. Garnett 27 Brigadier General Killed Carruck’s Ford, W.V., July 1861
Josiah Gorgas 6 Brigadier General
Schuyler Hamilton 24 Major General
Albion Parris Howe 8 Major General
John Marshall Jones 39 Brigadier General Killed at the Wilderness, 5/64
Samuel Jones 19 Major General
John Love 14 Major Major General of Indiana State Militia
Nathaniel Lyon 11 Major General Died at Wilson’s Creek
Edward Murray 41 Lieutenant Colonel
Anderson D. Nelson 43 Major USA
Joseph Bennett Plummer 22 Brigadier General Died 8/9/62 from Wilson’s Creek wounds
John Fulton Reynolds (bio) 26 Major General Killed at Gettysburg; monuments at Gettysburg
Israel Bush Richardson 38 Major General Mortally wounded at Antietam; monument at Antietam.
Thomas J. Rodman 7 Major USA Ordnance
Claudius Wistar Sears 31 Brigadier General
Smith Stansbury 4 Major Died on duty, Canada, Apr. 1864
Alfred Sully 34 Brigadier General
James Totten 25 Brigadier General
Zealous Bates Tower 1 Brigadier General
Horatio Gouverneur Wright (bio) 2 Major General
Amiel Weeks Whipple 5 Brigadier General Mortally wounded at Chancellorsville

Cadets who did not participate in the Civil War

George W. Ayers 10 First Lieutenant Killed, Molino del Rey, Mexico, Sep. 1847
Richard H. Bacot 30 Resigned 1843, died in S.C. Aug. 1862
Benjamin Berry 44 Second Lieutenant Killed, boiler explosion Aransas Bay, Tex., 1842
John G. Burbank 33 First Lieutenant Mortally wounded Molino del Rey, Mexico, 1847
Patrick Calhoun 37 Captain Died on sick leave 1858
Rudolph F. Ernst 50 Second Lieutenant Mortally wounded Molino del Ray, Mex. 1847
Simon S. Fahnestock 20 Resigned 1850
Levi Gantt 48 First Lieutenant Killed at Chapultepec, Mexico, 1847
Masillon Harrison 3 First Lieutenant Died on duty at Ft. Schyler, N.Y., 1854
Richard P. Hammond 21 Resigned 1851
Joseph Irons 12 First Lieutenant Mortally wounded Churubusco, Mexico, 1847.
Leonidas Jenkins 13 First Lieutenant Died on duty, Vera Cruz, Mexico 1847
Elias K. Kane 47 Captain Died on sick leave 1853
Philip W. Macdonald 9 First Lieutenant Died on duty at New Orleans, 1851
Charles F. Morris 52 First Lieutenant Mortally wounded Molino del Ray, Mex. 1847
Francis N. Page 42 First Lieutenant Died on duty Ft. Smith, Ark. 1860
Robert B. Parker 28 Second Lieutenant Died on sick leave 1842
Mortimer Rosecrants 49 First Lieutenant Died on sick leave 1848

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