45 cadets graduated in the West Point Class of May 1861

After the war started in 1861 the class which would have graduated in 1862 was accelerated and graduated the month after the class of 1861. The original Class of 1861 is listed as May 1861, while the original Class of 1862 is listed as June 1861.

Class of May 1851 members who served in the Civil War

For Federal officers indicated rank is as U.S. Volunteers unless shown as “USA,” which indicates rank in the Regular U.S. Army

Adelbert Ames 5 Major General USV Earned Medal of Honor at Bull Run 1861
Orville E. Babcock 3 Lieutenant Colonel USA  
John Barlow 14 Captain USA  
Eugene Beaumont 32 Major USV  
Samuel N. Benjamin 12 Captain USA Earned Medal of Honor for distinguished service
Adelbert R. Buffington 7 Captain USA  
Charles C. Campbell 24 Major  
Nathaniel R. Chambliss 9 Major  
Charles E. Cross 2 Captain USA Killed at Fredericksburg, June 1863
Francis A. Davies 23 Captain USA  
George W. Dresser 19 First Lieutenant USA  
Henry A. Du Pont 1 Lieutenant Colonel Earned Medal of Honor at Cedar Creek 1864
Robert L. Eastman 35 Captain USA  
William A. Elderkin 22 Captain USA  
Campbell D. Emory 38 Captain USA  
Charles H. Gibson 43 Captain USA  
Erskine Gittings 30 Captain USA  
Franklin Harwood 18 Captain USA  
Henry C. Hasbrouck 21 First Lieutennt USA  
Charles E. Hazlett 15 First Lieutenant USA Killed on July 2 at Gettysburg on Little Round Top, monument at Gettysburg.
Guy V. Henry 27 Brigadier General USV Earned Medal of Honor at Cold Harbor 1864
Mathias W. Henry 44 Major  
Llewellyn G. Hoxton 6 Lieutenant Colonel  
Leroy L. Janes 37 Captain USA  
Jacob Ford Kent 31 Lieutenant Colonel USV  
Henry W. Kingsbury 4 Colonel USV Mortally wounded at Antietam, Sep. 1862 commanding the 11th Connecticut Infantry
Edmund Kirby 10 First Lieutenant USA Mortally wounded Chancellorsville, May 1863
Hugh Judson Kilpatrick 17 Brigadier General USV  
Charles McKnight Leoser 20 Colonel USV  
Leonard Martin 33 Colonel USV  
James E. McQuesten 39 Captain USA Killed at Third Battle of Winchester (Opequon), Va. Sep. 19, 1864
Henry Noble 36 First Lieutenant USA  
Charles E. Patterson 16 Lieutenant Colonel  
John Pelham Major Withdrew before graduation. Killed Kelly’s Ford, Va., 1863
John S. Poland 34 Captain USA  
Jacob B. Rawles 29 First Lieutenant USA  
Olin F. Rice 41 Colonel Reported in Cullum’s Register as killed at Third Battle of Winchester but survived the war.
Wright Rives 42 Captain USA  
John L. Rodgers 11 Captain USA  
George O. Sokalski 40 Captain USA  
Jacob H. Smyser 28 Captain USA  
Sheldon Sturgeon 45 Captain USA  
Emory Upton 8 Brigadier General USV  
Malbone F. Watson 25 Captain USA Wounded at Gettysburg, losing his right leg.
John B. Williams 26 Captain USA Dismissed 1863
Pierce M.B. Young Major General Resigned two months prior to graduation with Georgia’s secession.

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