The Civil War in the East

CSA Flag C.S.A. - Army of Northern Virginia - Jackson's Command

Ewell's Division

Brigadier General Alexander Lawton (w 9/17)

Brigadier General Jubal A. Early


The division suffered heavy casualties in the Battle of Sharpsburg (Antietam) on September 17. Lawton's wound was disabling, and he wounld not return to the army, leavng Jubal Early in command.

Early's Brigade

Brig. Gen. Jubal A. Early (^ 9/17)

Colonel William Smith

13th Virginia Infantry Regiment

Captain Frank V. Winston


25th Virginia Infantry Regiment

Captain Robert Doak Lilley


31st Virginia Infantry Regiment

Colonel John S. Hoffman


44th Virginia Infantry Regiment

Captain David W. Anderson


49th Virginia Infantry Regiment

Colonel William Smith (^ 9/17)

Lt. Colonel Jonathan C. Gibson (w 9/17)


52nd Virginia Infantry Regiment

Colonel Michael G. Harman


58th Virginia Infantry Regiment

Major Casey (absent sick 9/10)

Captain Henry W. Wingfield


Hay's Brigade

Brigadier General Harry T. Hays

5th Louisiana Infantry Regiment

Colonel Henry Forno


6th Louisiana Infantry Regiment

Colonel Henry B. Strong (k 9/17)

Lt. Colonel Nathaniel G. Offut


7th Louisiana Infantry Regiment

Colonel Davidson B. Penn (w 9/27)

Lt. Colonel Thomas M. Terry


8th Louisiana Infantry Regiment

Major Trevannion D. Lewis (w 9/17)

Captain Alcibiades de Blanc


14th Louisiana Infantry Regiment

Lt. Colonel David Zable


Lawton's Brigade

Colonel Marcellus Douglass (k 9/17)

Colonel John H. Lamar


13th Georgia Infantry Regiment

Captain D. A. Kidd


26th Georgia Infantry Regiment

Colonel Edmund N. Atkinson (w 9/17)


31st Georgia Infantry Regiment

Major John H. Lowe


38th Georgia Infantry Regiment

Captain William H. Battey (k 9/17)

Captain John W. McCurdy


60th Georgia Infantry Regiment

Major Waters B. Jones


61st Georgia Infantry Regiment

Colonel John H. Lamar (^ 9/17)

Major Archibald P. Mc Rae (k 9/17)

Captain James D. Vanvalkerberg


Trimble's Brigade

Colonel James A. Walker

15th Alabama Infantry Regiment

Captain Isaac B. Feagin (w 9/19)


12th Georgia Infantry Regiment

Captain James G. Rogers (k 9/17)

Captain John T. Carson


21st Georgia Infantry Regiment

Major Thomas C. Glover (w 9/17)

Captain James C. Nisbet (w 9/17)


21st North Carolina Infantry Regiment

Captain Francis P. Miller (k 9/17)



A. R. Courtney

Louisiana Guard Artillery

Captain Louis E. D'Aquin


Chesapeake (Maryland) Battery

Captain William D. Brown


1st Maryland Battery

Captain William F. Dement


Courtney (Virginia) Battery

Captain Joseph W. Latimer


Bedford Virginia Artillery

Captain John R. Johnson


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