The Civil War in the East

CSA Flag C.S.A. - Army of Northern Virginia - Jackson's Command

Jackson's Division

Brigadier General Charles S. Winder (mw 8/9)

Brigadier General William B. Talliaferro (w 8/28)

Brigadier General William E. Starke


The division began the month losing its commander, General Winder, at the Battle of Cedar Mountain. It suffered heavy casualties in the Battle of Brawner's Farm on August 28 and the Second Battle of Manassas (Bull Run) on August 29-30.

Stonewall Brigade

Colonel Charles A. Ronald

Colonel William S.H. Baylor (k 8/30)

Colonel Andrew J. Grigsby

2nd Virginia Infantry Regiment

Lt. Colonel Lawson Botts (k 8/28)

Captain J. W. Rowan


4th Virginia Infantry Regiment

Lt. Colonel Robert D. Gardner


5th Virginia Infantry Regiment

Major Hazael J. Williams


27th Virginia Infantry Regiment

Colonel Andrew J. Grigsby


33rd Virginia Infantry Regiment

Colonel John F. Neff (k 8/28)

Captain George Huston


Second Brigade

Colonel Thomas S. Garnett

Colonel Bradley T. Johnson

21st Virginia Infantry Regiment

Captain William A. Witcher


42nd Virginia Infantry Regiment

Captain John E. Penn


48th Virginia Infantry Regiment

Lt. Virginius Dabney (w 8/30)

Captain William W. Goldsborough (w 8/30)


1st Virginia Infantry Battalion

Major John Seddon

Captain O. C. Anderson


Third Brigade

Colonel Alexander G. Taliaferro

47th Alabama Infantry Regiment

Colonel James W. Jackson


48th Alabama Infantry Regiment

Colonel James L. Sheffield


10th Virginia Infantry Regiment

Lt. Colonel Samuel T. Walker


23rd Virginia Infantry Regiment

Lt. Colonel Alexander G. Talliaferro (w 8/30)

Major Simeon T. Walton


37th Virginia Infantry Regiment



Fourth Brigade

Brigadier General Alexander R. Lawton

to Ewell's Division 8/20

13th Georgia Infantry Regiment



26th Georgia Infantry Regiment



31st Georgia Infantry Regiment



38th Georgia Infantry Regiment

Captain William H. Battey


60th Georgia Infantry Regiment



61st Georgia Infantry Regiment



Starke's Brigade

Brig. Gen. William E. Starke (promoted 8/6)

from A.P. Hill's Div.

1st Louisiana Infantry Regiment

Lt. Colonel Michael Nolan


2nd Louisiana Infantry Regiment

Colonel Jesse M. Williams


9th Louisiana Infantry Regiment

Colonel Leroy A. Stafford


10th Louisiana Infantry Regiment

Lt. Colonel William Spencer (k 8/30)

Major John M. Legett


15th Louisiana Infantry Regiment

Colonel Edmund Pendleton (after 8/5)


1st Louisiana Zouaves Battalion

Lt. Colonel George A. Coppens



Major R. Snowden Andrews (w 8/9)

Major L. M. Shumaker

Baltimore Maryland Artillery

Captain John B. Brockenbrough


Alleghany (Virginia) Artillery

Captain John C. Carpenter (mw )


Danville (Virginia) Artillery

Captain George W. Wooding


Hampden (Virginia) Artillery

Captain William H. Caskie


Lee (Virginia) Artillery

Captain Charles I. Raine


Rice's (Virginia) Artillery

Captain William H. Rice


Rockbridge (Virginia) Artillery

Captain William T. Poague


Winchester (Virginia) Artillery

Captain Wilfred E. Cutshaw


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