The Civil War in the East

C.S.A. - Army of Northern Virginia - Longstreet's Command

Longstreet's Division

Brigadier General Richard H. Anderson


R. H. Anderson's Brigade

Colonel Micah Jenkins


4th South Carolina Infantry Battalion

Major Charles S. Mattison (w 6/1)

Colonel Joseph Walker


5th South Carolina Infantry Regiment

Lt. Colonel Andrew Jackson (w 6/27)


6th South Carolina Infantry Regiment



Palmetto (S.C.) Sharpshooters

Colonel Micah Jenkins (to 6/22)

Colonel Joseph Walker


Fauquier (Va.) Battery

Captain Robert M. Stribling


Colston's Brigade

Brigadier General Raleigh Colston


13th South Carolina Infantry Regiment

Colonel Alfred Scales


14th South Carolina Infantry Regiment

Colonel P.W. Roberts

to G.B. Anderson's Brig., D.H. Hill's Div.

3rd Virginia Infantry Regiment

Colonel Joseph Mayo


Featherston's Brigade

Brig. Gen. Winfield S. Featherston

created 6/9

2nd Mississippi Infantry Battalion

Lt. Colonel John G. Taylor

from Featherston's Brig., D.H. Hill's Div.

12th Mississippi Infantry Regiment

Major W.H. Lilly

from Rodes' Brig., D.H. Hill's Div.

19th Mississippi Infantry Regiment

Major John Mullins

from Wilcox's Brig. (below)

3rd Richmond Howitzers

Captain Benjamin H. Smith


Kemper's Brigade

Brig. Gen. James Kemper


1st Virginia Infantry Regiment

Major William H. Palmer

Captain G.F. Norton


7th Virginia Infantry Regiment

Colonel Waller T. Patton


11th Virginia Infantry Regiment

Captain K. Otey


17th Virginia Infantry Regiment

Colonel Montgomery Corse


24th Virginia Infantry Regiment

Lt. Colonel Peter Hairston

from Garland's Brig., D.H. Hill's Div.

Loudon (Va.) Artillery

Captain Arthur L. Rogers


Pickett's Brigade

Brig. Gen. George E. Pickett (w 6/27)

Colonel Eppa Hunton


8th Virginia Infantry Regiment



18th Virginia Infantry Regiment



19th Virginia Infantry Regiment



28th Virginia Infantry Regiment



Lynchburg (Va.) Battery

Captain J. Dearing


Pryor's Brigade

Brigadier General Roger A. Pryor


8th Alabama Infantry Regiment

Colonel John A. Winston (res. 6/16)

Colonel Young Lea Royston

to Wilcox's Brigade (below)

14th Alabama Infantry Regiment



14th Louisiana Infantry Regiment



32nd Virginia Infantry Regiment



Richmond Fayette (Va.) Artillery

Captain Miles C. Macon


Wilcox's Brigade

Brigadier General Cadmus Wilcox


8th Alabama Infantry Regiment

Colonel Young Lea Royston (w 6/30)

Lt. Colonel Hilary A. Herbert

from Pryor's Brigade (above)

9th Alabama Infantry Regiment



10th Alabama Infantry Regiment



11th Alabama Infantry Regiment



19th Mississippi Infantry Regiment


to Featherston's Brigade (above)

Ricmond Howitzers, 3rd Co.

Captain Stannard




Donaldsonville (La.) Battery

Captain Maurin


Richmond Howitzers, 2nd Co.

Captain Brown


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