The Civil War in the East

C.S.A. - Army of Northern Virginia

First Army Corps

Lieutenant General James Longstreet


The First Army Corps was established from Longstreet's Command November 6, 1862 after the Confederate Congress passed legislation at the end of October allowing the creation of army corps.

Anderson's Division

Bde. Gen. Cadmus Wilcox

Major General Richard H. Anderson

Featherston's Brigade

Colonel Carnot Posey


Mahone's Brigade

Bde. Gen. Robert Garnet

Bde. Gen. William Mahone


Pryor'/Perry's Brigade

Bde. Gen. Roger A. Pryor (res. 11/6)

Bde. Gen. Edward A. Perry (after 11/6)


Wilcox's Brigade

Bde. Gen. Wilcox


Wright's Brigade

Bde. Gen. Ambrose Wright





Hood's Division

Major General John B. Hood (promoted 11/6)

Anderson's (Jones') Brigade

Bde. Gen. George T. Anderson (promoted 11/6)

Law's (Whiting's) Brigade

Bde. Gen. Evander M. Law


Robertson's (Hood's) Brigade

Bde. Gen. Jerome B. Robertson (promoted 11/6)

Toomb's Brigade

Bde. Gen. Henry L. Benning



Major Mathias W. Henry


McLaws' Division

Major General Lafayette McLaws

Barksdale's Brigade

Bde. Gen. William Barksdale


Cobb's Brigade

Bde. Gen. T.R.R. Cobb (promoted 11/6)


Drayton's Brigade

Bde. Gen. Thomas F. Drayton

brigade broken up and discontinued

Kershaw's Brigade

Bde. Gen. Joseph B. Kershaw


Semmes' Brigade

Bde. Gen. Paul J. Semmes



Colonel Henry C. Cabell


Pickett's Division

Major General George E. Pickett (promoted 11/6)

Armistead's Brigade

Bde. Gen. Lewis A. Armistead


Corse's (Pickett's) Brigade

Bde. Gen. Montgomery D. Corse (promoted 11/6)

Garnett's Brigade

Bde. Gen. Richard B. Garnett


Jenkins' Brigade

Bde. Gen. Micah Jenkins


Kemper's Brigade

Bde. Gen. James L. Kemper



Major James Dearing


Walker's/Ransom's Division

Brigadier General John G. Walker (to Trans-Miss. Dept. 11/11)

Brigadier General Robert Ransom, Jr.

Cooke's (Walker's) Brigade

Bde. Gen. John R. Cooke (promoted 11/6)

Ransom's Brigade

Bde. Gen. Robert Ransom


Evans' Independent Brigade

Brigadier General Nathan G. Evans

to North Carolina Nov. 6-7

17th South Carolina Infantry Regiment

Lt. Colonel Fitzhugh W. McMaster


18th South Carolina Infantry Regiment

Colonel William H. Wallace


22nd South Carolina Infantry Regiment

Major Miel Hilton


23rd South Carolina Infantry Regiment

Lieutenant E. R. White


Holcombe (S.C.) Legion

Colonel Peter F. Stevens


Macbeth (S.C.) Artillery

Captain Robert Boyce


Reserve Artillery

Colonel James B. Walton

Alexander's Battery

Colonel Edward Porter Alexander


Washington (La.) Artillery

Major Benjamin F. Eschleman


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