The Civil War in the East

C.S.A. - Army of Northern Virginia

First Army Corps

Lieutenant General James Longstreet


Field's Division

Major General Charles W. Field

Bde. Gen.. Henry Benning

Anderson's Brigade

Bde. Gen. George T. Anderson

Colonel Frncis H. Little


Benning's Brigade

Bde. Gen. Henry L. Benning


Bratton's Brigade

Bde. Gen. John Bratton


Gregg's Brigade

Colonel C. Frederick Bass


Law's Brigade

Colonel William F. Perry



Brigadier General Armistead Long


Kershaw's Division

Bde. General Joseph B. Kershaw


DuBose's (Wofford's) Brigade

Bde. Gen. Dudley M. Du Bose


Humphrey's Brigade

Major G. B. Gerald


Simm's Brigade

Bde. Gen. James P. Simms


Pickett's Division

Major General George E. Pickett


Corse's Brigade

Bde. Gen. Montgomery Corse


Hunton's Brigade

Bde. Gen. Eppa Hunton

Colonel Henry Gantt


Steuart's Brigade

Bde. Gen. George H. Steuart


Terry's Brigade

Bde. Gen. William R. Terry


Corps Artillery

Bde. Gen. Edward Porter Alexander

1st Virginia Artillery Battalion



Cabell's Artillery Battalion

Colonel Henry C. Cabell


Haskell's Artillery Battalion

Major John C. Haskell


Huger's Artillery Battalion

Lieutenant Colonel Frank Huger


Johnson's Artillery Battalion



Stark's Artillery Battalion

Major Benjamin F. Eschleman


As of January 31, 1865

Official Records, Series 1, vol. 42, Part 2, p.1179

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