The Civil War in the East

CSA Flag C.S.A. - Army of Northern Virginia - First Army Corps

Anderson's Division

Major General Richard H. Anderson


Featherston's Brigade

Bde. Gen. Winfield S. Featherston


12th Mississippi Infantry Regiment

Colonel William H. Taylor


16th Mississippi Infantry Regiment

Captain Abram M. Feltus


19th Mississippi Infantry Regiment

Maj. Nathaniel H. Harris (prom. 11/4)


2nd Mississippi Battalion


Enlarged to become 48th Ms. Regiment

Mahone's Brigade

Colonel William A. Parham


6th Virginia Infantry Regiment

Captain John R. Ludlow


12th Virginia Infantry Regiment

Captain John R. Llewellyn


16th Virginia Infantry Regiment

Major Francis D. Holliday (from 11/10)


41st Virginia Infantry Regiment

Lt. Colonel Joseph P. Minetree


61st Virginia Infantry Regiment

Lt. Colonel William F. Niemeyer

joined in Nov.

Pryor's/Perry's Brigade

Brigadier General Roger A. Pryor

Bde. Gen. Edward A. Perry (after 11/6)

from Wilcox's Div.

14th Alabama Infantry Regiment

Major James A. Broome

to Wilcox's Bde. 11/14 (see below)

2nd Florida Infantry Regiment

Lt. Colonel Lewis G. Pyles


5th Florida Infantry Regiment

Colonel John C. Hately


8th Florida Infantry Regiment

Captain William Baya


3rd Virginia Infantry Regiment

Colonel Joseph Mayo

to Kemper's Bde., Pickett's Div. 11/10

Wilcox's Brigade

Brigadier General Cadmus Wilcox


8th Alabama Infantry Regiment

Major Hilary A. Herbert


9th Alabama Infantry Regiment

Colonel Samuel Henry


10th Alabama Infantry Regiment

Colonel William H. Forney


11th Alabama Infantry Regiment

Major J. C. Sanders


14th Alabama Infantry Regiment

Colonel Lucius Pinkard

from Pryor's (Perry's) Bde. 11/14 (see above)

Wright's Brigade

Brigadier General Ambrose Wright

44th Alabama Infantry Regiment

Major William F. Perry

to Law's Bde., Hood's Div. 11/26*

2nd Georgia Batalion


from Cooke's Bde., Ransom's Div. 11/26*

3rd Georgia Infantry Regiment

Captain John F. Jones


22nd Georgia Infantry Regiment

Colonel Robert H. Jones


48th Georgia Infantry Regiment

Colonel William Gibson


Saunders' Artillery Battalion

Major John S. Saunders (to LTC 11/14)


Donaldsonville (La.) Artillery

Captain Victor Maurin


Norfolk (Va.) Battery

Lt. Colonel R. Phelps


Lynchburg (Va.) Artillery

Captain Marcellus Moorman


* from OFFICIAL RECORDS: Series 1, vol 21, Part 1 pp. 1033 - 1034

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