The Civil War in the East

CSA Flag C.S.A. - Army of Northern Virginia - First Army Corps

Anderson's Division

Major General Richard H. Anderson


Featherston's/Posey's Brigade

Bde. Gen. Winfield S. Featherston

Bde. Gen. Carnot Posey

12th Mississippi Infantry Regiment

Lt. Colonel Merry B. Harris


16th Mississippi Infantry Regiment

Colonel Samuel E. Baker


19th Mississippi Infantry Regiment

Colonel Nathaniel H. Harris


48th Mississippi Infantry Regiment

Colonel Joseph M. Jayne


Mahone's Brigade

Bde. Gen. William Mahone

6th Virginia Infantry Regiment

Colonel George T. Rogers


12th Virginia Infantry Regiment

Lt. Colonel Everard M. Field


16th Virginia Infantry Regiment

Lt. Colonel Richard O. Whitehead


41st Virginia Infantry Regiment

Colonel William A. Parham


61st Virginia Infantry Regiment

Colonel Virginius D. Groner


Perry's Brigade

Bde. Gen. Edward A. Perry

2nd Florida Infantry Regiment

Major Walter R. Moore


5th Florida Infantry Regiment

Major Benjamin F. Davis


8th Florida Infantry Regiment

Colonel David Lang


WIlcox's Brigade

Colonel John C. C. Sanders

8th Alabama Infantry Regiment

Colonel Y. L. Royston

Lt. Colonel Hilary A. Herbert


9th Alabama Infantry Regiment

Major Jeremiah H. J. Williams


10th Alabama Infantry Regiment

Colonel William H. Forney


11th Alabama Infantry Regiment

Colonel John C. C. Sanders


14th Alabama Infantry Regiment

Colonel Lucius Pinckard


Wright's Brigade

Bde. Gen. Ambrose R. Wright

2nd Georgia Infantry Battalion

Major George W. Ross


3rd Georgia Infantry Regiment

Major John F. Jones

Captain Charles H. Andrews


22nd Georgia Infantry Regiment

Lt. Colonel Joseph Wasden


48th Georgia Infantry Regiment

Lt. Colonel Reuben W. Carswell


Garnett's Artillery Battalion

Lt. Colonel John J. Garnett


Donaldsonville (La.) Battery

Captain Victor Maurin


Norfolk (Va.) Blues Artillery

Captain C. R. Grady


Pittsfield (Va.) Battery

Lieutenant Nathan Penick


Norfolk (Va.) Battery

Captain Joseph D. Moore


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