The Civil War in the East

CSA Flag C.S.A. - Army of Northern Virginia - First Army Corps

Kershaw's (McLaws') Division

Brigadier General Joseph B. Kershaw


McLaw's Division returned with the First Corps from Tennessee to the Eastern Theater in mid-April. It was under Kershaw's command while McLaws awaited the results of a court martial for his actions at Knoxville. McLaws was largely vindicated on May 4, but Lee requested that he be reassigned, and Kershaw took permanent command of the division.

Bryan's Brigade

Brig. Gen. Goode Bryan


10th Georgia Infantry Regiment

Colonel Willis C. Holt


50th Georgia Infantry Regiment

Colonel Peter McGlashan


51st Georgia Infantry Regiment

Colonel Edward Ball


53rd Georgia Infantry Regiment

Colonel James P. Simms


Humphreys Brigade

Colonel Benjamin Humphreys

13th Mississippi Infantry Regiment

Major George L. Donald


17th Mississippi Infantry Regiment



18th Mississippi Infantry Regiment

Captain William H. Lewis


21st Mississippi Infantry Regiment

Colonel D. N. Moody


Kershaw's Brigade

Colonel John W. Henagan


2nd South Carolina Infantry Regiment

Lt. Colonel Franklin Gaillard (k 5/6)


3rd South Carolina Infantry Regiment

Colonel James D. Nance (k 5/6)


7th South Carolina Infantry Regiment

Captain James Mitchell


8th South Carolina Infantry Regiment

Lt. Colonel Eli. T. Stackhouse


15th South Carolina Infantry Regiment

Colonel John B. Davis


3rd South Carolina Infantry Battalion

Captain B. M. Whitener


Wofford's Brigade

Brig. Gen. William T. Wofford

16th Georgia Infantry Regiment



18th Georgia Infantry Regiment



24th Georgia Infantry Regiment



Cobb's Georgia Legion



Phillips' Georgia Legion



3rd Georgia Sharpshooter Battalion



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