The Civil War in the East

C.S.A. - Army of Northern Virginia

Second Army Corps

Lieutenant General Thomas J. Jackson (mw 5/2)

Major General Ambrose Powell Hill (w 5/2; 5/6-5/23)

Brigadier General Rober Rodes (5/2-5/3)

Major General James E. B. Stuart (5/3-5/6)

Lieutenant General Richard Ewell (from 5/23)


The Battle of Chancellorsville was both the high point and one of the most tragic for the Second Corps in the Civil War. Jackson's stunning flank attack not only crushed the Union Eleventh Corps but permanently took the initiative away from Hooker. But the high casualties suffered - led by Jackson himself - crippled the corps at the height of its success and removed any cause for celebration. One result of the battle was the reorganization of the army. A.P. Hill's Division became the nucleus of the new Third Corps, which Hill would command, while Richard Ewell returned from recovering from the loss of his leg to take over the Second Corps.

Early's Division

Major General Jubal A. Early

Gordon's Brigade

Bde. Gen. John B. Gordon


Hays' Brigade

Bde. Gen. Harry T. Hays


Hoke's Brigade

Bde. Gen. Robert Hoke (w 5/2)

Colonel Isaac Avery


Smith's Brigade

Bde. Gen. William Smith


Andrew's Artillery Battalion

Lt. Colonel Richard S. Andrews


A.P. Hill's Light Division

Major General Ambrose Powell Hill (w 5/2)

Brigadier General Henry Heth (w)

Brigadier General Dorsey Pender (w)

Brigadier General James Archer

To Third Corps 6/1


Archer's Brigade

Bde. Gen. James J. Archer (^ 5/3)

Colonel Birkett D. Fry

To Heth's Div., Third Corps

Heth's Brigade

Bde. Gen. Henry Heth (w)

Colonel John M. Brockenbrough

To Heth's Div., Third Corps

Lane's Brigade

Bde. Gen. James H. Lane

To Pender's Div., Third Corps

McGowan's Brigade

Bde. Gen. Samuel McGowan (w 5/2)

Colonel Oliver E. Edwards (mw 5/2)

Colonel Abner Perrin

Colonel Daniel H. Hamilton

To Pender's Div., Third Corps

Pender's Brigade

Bde. Gen. William D. Pender

To Pender's Div., Third Corps

Thomas' Brigade

Bde. Gen. Edward L. Thomas

To Pender's Div., Third Corps

Walker's Artillery Battalion

Lt. Colonel Reuben Lindsay Walker

Major William J. Pegram

To Third Corps 6/1

D.H. Hill's (Rodes') Division

Brigadier General Robert E. Rodes (except ^ 5/2-5/3; Maj. Gen. 5/7)

Brigadier General Stephen D. Ramseur (5/2-5/3; w 5/3)

Colquitt's Brigade

Bde. Gen. Alfred H. Colquitt


Doles' Brigade

Bde. Gen. George P. Doles


Iverson's Brigade

Bde. Gen. Alfred Iverson


Ramseur's Brigade

Bde. Gen. Stephen D. Ramseur (^5/3)

Colonel Francis M. Parker


Rodes' Brigade

Colonel Edward A. O'Neal (w)

Colonel Josephus M. Hall


Carter's Artillery Battalion

Lt. Colonel Thomas H. Carter


Trimble's/ Johnson's Division

Brigadier General Raleigh E. Colston (relieved 5/25)

Major General Edward Johnson

Stonewall Brigade

Bde. Gen. Eisha F. Paxton (k 5/3)

Colonel John H. S. Funk

Bde. Gen. James A. Walker (5/25)

officially designated "Stonewall Brigade" 5/30

Colston's Brigade

Colonel E.T.H. Warren (w)

Colonel Titus V. Williams (w)

Lt. Colonel Samuel T. Walker

Lt. Colonel Stephen D. Thurston

Lt. Colonel Hamilton A. Brown


J. Jones' Brigade

Bde. Gen. John R. Jones (dis. 5/2)

Colonel Thomas S. Garnett (mw 5/2)

Colonel A. S. Vandeventer


Nicholls' Brigade

Bde. Gen. Francis T. Nicholls (w 5/2)

Colonel Jesse M. Williams


H. Jones' Artillery Battalion

Lt. Colonel Hilary P. Jones


Reserve Artillery

Colonel Stapleton Crutchfield (w 5/2)

1st Virginia Artillery Battalion

Colonel J. Thompson Brown (w)

Captain David Watson

Captain Willis J. Dance


McIntosh's Artillery Battalion

Major David G. McIntosh


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