The Civil War in the East

CSA Flag C.S.A. - Army of Northern Virginia - Second Army Corps

Second Corps Artillery Reserve

Colonel Stapleton Crutchfield (w 5/2)

Colonel J. Thompson Brown


1st Virginia Artillery Battalion

Colonel J. Thompson Brown (^ 5/2)

Captain David Watson

Captain Willis J. Dance

Brooke's (Va.) Battery

Captain James Brooke


Powhattan (Va.) Artillery

Captain Willis J. Dance (^)

Lieutenant John M. Cunningham


2nd Richmond (Va.) Howitzers

Captain David Watson


3rd Richmond (Va.) Howitzers

Captain Benjamin H. Smith


1st Rockbridge (Va.) Artillery

Captain Archibald Graham


Salem (Va.) Artillery

Lieutenant Charles B. Griffin


McIntosh's Artillery Battalion

Major David G. McIntosh

to 3rd Corps Reserve Artillery

Danville (Va.) Battery

Captain George W. Wooding


Hardaway (Al.) Battery

Captain William P. Hurt


Richmond (Va.) Battery

Captain Marmaduke Johnston


2nd Rockbridge (Va.) Artillery

Captain George W. Wooding


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