The Civil War in the East

C.S.A. - Army of Northern Virginia - Second Corps

Early's Division

Major General Jubal Early (until 5/8)

Brigadier General John B. Gordon (5/8-5/21)

Brigadier General Stephen Dodson Ramseur (after 5/22)


When A.P. Hill was forced by illness on May 8 to temporarily step down from commanding the Third Corps, General Lee took extreme steps to replace him with Jubal Early. Hays' Brigade was transferred to Rodes' Division in exchange for Johnston's Brigade so that John Gordon, who was outranked by Hays, could take command of the division as senior brigadier. After Early returned, Gordon's Brigade was transferred to Johnson's Division so that Gordon could take command after Johnson had been captured in the Mule Shoe.

Gordon's Brigade

Brig. Gen. John B. Gordon (^ 5/8)

Colonel Clement A. Evans (BG)

to Gordon's (Johnson's) Div. 5/21

13th Georgia Infantry Regiment



26th Georgia Infantry Regiment

Colonel Edmund N. Atkinson


31st Georgia Infantry Regiment

Colonel Clement A. Evans (^)


38th Georgia Infantry Regiment

Lt. Colonel Philip E. Davant (c 5/12)

Major Thomas H. Bomar


60th Georgia Infantry Regiment

Lt. Colonel Thomas J. Berry


61st Georgia Infantry Regiment



Hays' Brigade

Brig. Gen. Harry T. Hays

transfered to Johnson's Division 5/8 and merged with Stafford's Louisiana Brig.

5th Louisiana Infantry Regiment

Lt. Colonel Bruce Menger (k 5/12)

Major Alexander Hart


6th Louisiana Infantry Regiment

Major William H. Manning


7th Louisiana Infantry Regiment

Major J. Moore Wilson (c 5/12)


8th Louisiana Infantry Regiment

Lt. Colonel German A. Lester


9th Louisiana Infantry Regiment

Colonel William R. Peck


Hoke's Brigade

Lt. Colonel William G. Lewis

from Richmond defenses

6th North Carolina Infantry Regiment



21st North Carolina Infantry Regiment



54th North Carolina Infantry Regiment



57th North Carolina Infantry Regiment



1st North Carolina Sharpshooter Bn.



Johnston's Brigade

Brig. Gen. Robert D. Johnston (w)

Colonel Thomas Garrett (k)

Colonel Thomas Toon

transfered from Rodes' Div. 5/8


5th North Carolina Infantry Regiment

Colonel Thomas M. Garrett (^)


12th North Carolina Infantry Regiment

Colonel Henry E. Coleman


20th North Carolina Infantry Regiment

Colonel Thomas F. Toon (^)


23rd North Carolina Infantry Regiment



Pegram's Brigade

Brig. Gen. John Pegram (w 5/5)

Colonel John S. Hoffman


13th Virginia Infantry Regiment

Colonel James B. Terrill


31st Virginia Infantry Regiment

Colonel John S. Hoffman (^ 5/5)


49th Virginia Infantry Regiment

Colonel J. Catlett Gibson


52nd Virginia Infantry Regiment



58th Virginia Infantry Regiment

Colonel Francis H. Board


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