The Civil War in the East

CSA Flag C.S.A. - Army of Northern Virginia - Second Corps

Jackson's Division

Brigadier General William B. Taliaferro (to 2/20)

Brigadier General Raleigh E. Colston


On January 17 Isaac Trimble was promoted to Major General and assigned to command of Jackson's Division. But problems with Trimble's wound from Second Manassas prevented him from taking the field. William Taliaferro, who had hoped to be given the command, left the army for a command in Georgia. Senior brigade commander Raleigh Colston then commanded the division in Trimble's absence.

Stonewall Brigade

Bde. Gen. Elisha Paxton

2nd Virginia Infantry Regiment

Colonel J. Q. A. Nadenbousch


4th Virginia Infantry Regiment

Major William Terry


5th Virginia Infantry Regiment

Colonel John H. S. Funk


27th Virginia Infantry Regiment

Colonel James K. Edmondson


33rd Virginia Infantry Regiment

Lt. Colonel Abraham Spengler


Colston's Brigade

Colonel E.T.H. Warren

1st North Carolina Infantry Regiment

Colonel John A. McDowell


3rd North Carolina Infantry Regiment

Lt. Colonel Stephen D. Thurston


10th Virginia Infantry Regiment

Lt. Colonel Samuel T. Walker


23rd Virginia Infantry Regiment

Lt. Colonel Simeon T. Walton


37th Virginia Infantry Regiment

Colonel Titus V. Williams


Jones' Brigade

Bde. Gen. John M. Jones

21stth Virginia Infantry Regiment

Captain William P. Moseley


42nd Virginia Infantry Regiment

Lt. Colonel Robert W. Withers


44th Virginia Infantry Regiment

Major Norvell Cobb


48th Virginia Infantry Regiment

Colonel Thomas S. Garnett


50th Virginia Infantry Regiment

Colonel A. S. Vandeventer


Nicholls' Brigade

Brigadier General Francis T. Nicholls

1st Louisiana Infantry Regiment

Captain Edward D. Willett


2nd Louisiana Infantry Regiment

Colonel Jesse M. Williams


10th Louisiana Infantry Regiment

Lt. Colonel John M. Legett


14th Louisiana Infantry Regiment

Lt. Colonel David Zable


15th Louisiana Infantry Regiment

Colonel Edmund Pendleton


Jones' Artillery Battalion

Lt. Colonel Hilary P. Jones


Louisiana Guard Artillery

Captain Charles Thompson


Charlottesville (Md.) Artillery

Captain James M. Carrington


Courtney (Va.) Artillery

Captain William A. Tanner


Staunton (Va.) Artillery

Lieutenant Alexander H. Fultz


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