The Civil War in the East

CSA Flag C.S.A. - Army of Northern Virginia - Third Corps

Heth's Division

Major General Henry Heth


Heth's Division opened the Battle of Gettysburg for the Army of Northern Virginia on July 1, then went on to take part in Pickett's Charge on July 3, suffering heavy casualties.

Archer's Brigade

Bde. Gen. James J. Archer (c 7/1)

Colonel Birkett D. Fry (w&c 7/3)

Lt. Colonel Samuel G. Shepard

attached to Pettigrew's Bde. 7/10

temporarily combined with Walker's Bde. 7/19

5th Alabama Infantry Battalion

Major Albert S. Van de Graaff


13th Alabama Infantry Regiment

Colonel Birket D. Fry (^ w&c 7/3)

Colonel James Aiken


1st Tennessee Infantry Regiment

Lt. Colonel J. George (c 7/3)

Major Felix G. Buchanan (w 7/3)

Captain J. B. Turney


7th Tennessee Infantry Regiment

Colonel John A. Fite (c 7/3)

Lt. Colonel Samuel G. Shepard (^ 7/3)

Captain A.D. Norris


14th Tennessee Infantry Regiment

Captain Bruce L. Phillips


Davis' Brigade

Bde. Gen. Joseph R. Davis

2nd Mississippi Infantry Regiment

Colonel John M. Stone (w 7/1)

Major Joohn Blair (c 7/1)

Lt. Colonel David W. Humphries (k 7/3)


11th Mississippi Infantry Regiment

Colonel Francis M. Green (w 7/3)

Major Reuben D. Reynolds (w 7/1)

Lt. Daniel Featherston (k 7/3)

Lt. R. A. McDowell


42nd Mississippi Infantry Regiment

Colonel Hugh R. Miller (mw&c 7/3)

Captain Andrew M. Nelson


55th North Carolina Infantry Regiment

Colonel John K. Connally (w 7/1, c 7/5)

Lt. Colonel Maurice T. Smith (mw 7/1)

Major Alfred H. Belo (w 7/1)

Captain George A. Gilreath (k)

Captain E. Fletcher Satterfield


Heth's/Walker's Brigade

Colonel John M. Brockenbrough

Colonel Robert Mayo (7/3)

Bde. Gen. Henry Walker (after 7/19)

40th Virginia Infantry Regiment

Captain Thomas E. Betts (w&c)

Captain R. B. Davis

Colonel John M. Brockenbrough (after 7/19)


47th Virginia Infantry Regiment

Colonel Robert M. Mayo

Lt. Colonel John W. Lyell


55th Virginia Infantry Regiment

Colonel William S. Christian (c 7/14)

Captain Charles N. Lawson


22nd Virginia Infantry Battalion

Major John S. Bowles


Pettigrew's Brigade

Bde. Gen. James J. Pettigrew (w 7/3, mw 7/14)

Colonel James K. Marshall (k 7/3)

Major John T. Jones (w)

11th North Carolina Infantry Regiment

Colonel Collett Leventhorpe (w 7/1, c 7/10)

Major Egbert A. Ross (k 7/1)

Captain Albert Haynes (w&c 7/3)

Captain Francis W. Bird (7/3-7/15)

Lt. Colonel W.J. Martin (after 7/15)


26th North Carolina Infantry Regiment

Colonel Henry K. Burgwyn (k 7/1)

Lt. Colonel John R. Lane (w)

Major John T. Jones (to 7/3)

Captain H. C. Albright


47th North Carolina Infantry Regiment

Colonel George H. Fairbault (w 7/1)

Lt. Colonel J. Owens Rogers


52nd North Carolina Infantry Regiment

Colonel James Marshall (^k 7/3)

Lt. Colonel Marcus Parks (w&c 7/3)

Major John Q. Richardson (mw&c 7/3)

Captain Nathaniel Foster


Garnett's Artillery Battalion

Lt. Colonel John J. Garnet

Donaldsonville (La.) Artillery

Captain Victor Maurin


Moore's Co. (Va.) Artillery

Captain Joseph D. Moore


Lewis (Va.) Artillery

Captain John W. Lewis


Norfolk (Va.) Blues Artillery

Captain Charles R. Grady


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