The Civil War in the East

CSA Flag C.S.A. - Army of Northern Virginia

Cavalry Corps

Major General Wade Hampton (to 1/19)


Due to the army's supply problems during the winter it was decided to send Butler's Division to North Carolina where there was plentiful fodder. It was intended to be a temporary solution, but the division never returned to Virginia.

Butler's Division

Brig. Gen. Matthew C. Butler

To North Carolina 1/19

Butler's Brigade

Brig. Gen. Matthew Butler

Young's Brigade

Brig. Gen. Pierce M. B. Young

W.H.F. Lee's Division

Major General William H.F. Lee

Barringer's Brigade

Brig. Gen. Rufus Barringer

Chambliss' Brigade

Colonel Richard T. Beale

Dearing's Brigade

Brig. Gen. James Dearing

Horse Artillery

Major R. Preston Chew

Breathed's Artillery Battalion

Captain James Breathed


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