The Civil War in the East

U.S. Army - Army of the James

Tenth Corps

Brigadier General Alfred H. Terry (to 5/4)

Major General Quincy A. Gilmore (after 5/4)


The Second Division was transferred to the 18th Corps and the Third Division was discontinued May 28, 1864

First Division

Brig. Gen. R.S. Foster (to 5/4)

Brig. Gen. Alfred H. Terrry (after 5/4)

First Brigade

Colonel F.B. Pond (to 5/2)

Colonel J.B. Howell (after 5/4)


Second Brigade

Colonel H.M. Plaisted (to 5/2)

Colonel J.R. Hawley (after 5/4)


Third Brigade

Colonel J.R. Hawley (to 5/2)

Colonel H.M. Plaisted (after 5/4)


Second Division

Colonel S.M. Alford (to 5/2)

Brig. Gen. J.W. Turner (5/2-5/28)

Transferred to 18th Corps 5/28

First Brigade

Colonel Guy V. Henry (to 5/2)

Colonel S.M. Alford (5/2-28)


Second Brigade

Colonel W.B. Barton (to 5/28)


Third Division

Brig. Gen. Adelbert Ames (to 5/28)

First Brigade

Colonel Richard White (to 5/16)

Colonel Louis Bell (5/16-18)

Colonel H.R. Guss (5/18-28)


Second Brigade

Colonel J.D. Rust (to 5/2)

Colonel J.C. Drake




4t h Massachusetts Cavalry, EFG&H


to Rand's Brig., 18th Corps

4th New Jersey Battery


from 2nd Division

1st New York Engineers, 8 Cos.



33rd New York Independent Battery


from 3rd Division

Rhode Island Battery C


from 3rd Division

1st United States, Battery D


from 2nd Division

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