The Civil War in the East

U .S. Army - Department of Virginia and North Carolina

Eighteenth Corps

Brig. Gen. Innes N. Palmer (to 8/18)

Major General John G. Foster


Getty's Division

Brigadier General George W. Getty


First Brigade

Colonel S.M. Alford

transferred to Dep. of the South

Second Brigade

Brig. Gen. Edward Harland


Third Brigade

Colonel W.H.P. Steere


District of Virginia
(Norfolk & Portsmouth)

Brigadier General H.M. Naglee (from 8/12)


148th New York Infantry Regiment



11th Pennsylvania Cavalry Regiment



7th New York Independent Battery



Subdistrict of Yorktown

Brigadier General Isaac J. Wistar


9th Vermont Infantry Regiment



99th New York Infantry Regiment



118th New York Infantry Regiment



139th New York Infantry Regiment



19th Wisconsin Infantry Regiment



5th Pennsylvania Cavalry Regiment



8th New York Independent Battery



16th New York Independent Battery



1st Pennsylvania Artillery, Battery E



2nd Wisconsin Battery



4th Wisconsin Battery



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