The Civil War in the East

U.S. Army

Department of Virginia - 7th Army Corps

Major General John Dix




Fortress Monroe


3rd New York Infantry Regiment

Colonel Samuel M. Alford


Camp Hamilton



2nd Wisconsin Battery


to Division at Suffolk (see below)

4th Wisconsin Battery


to Division at Suffolk (see below)


Bde. Gen. Egbert L. Viele


7th New York Independent Battery



99th New York Infantry Regiment



148th New York Infantry Regiment



173rd Pennsylvania Infantry Regiment



19th Wisconsin Infantry Regiment



4th United States Artillery, Battery D



Division at Suffolk

Brigadier General Michael Corcoran (to 1/2)

Major General John J. Peck

Foster's Brigade

Bde. Gen. R.S. Foster


Empire Brigade

Bde. Gen. F.B. Spinola

to Dept. N.C., 18th Corps, 5th Div.

Corcoran's Brigade

Bde. Gan. Michael Corcoran


Gibb's Provisional Brigade

Colonel Alfred Gibbs (to 1/21)

Bde. Gen. H.D. Terry



Major General Erasmus Keyes


Busteed's Independent Brigade

Brigadier General R. Busteed


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