The Civil War in the East

U.S. Army -22nd Army Corps - Department of Washington

Defences South of the Potomac


Brigadier General G. A. DeRussy



First Brigade

Colonel J.N.G. Whistler


Massachusetts Heavy Artillery,
Cos. 3, 15 & 18



10th New York Heavy Artillery


to Kitching's Provisional Div.

1st Pennsylvania Artillery, Battery H



Pennsylvania Battalion (2 Cos.)



1st Rhode Island Artillery, Battery H



1st United States Artillery, Battery E



2nd United States Artillery, Battery G



Second Brigade

Colonel T. Wilhelmn (to 9/29)

Lt. Colonel James Brady


1st New York Artillery, Battery K



74th Pennsylvania Infantry Regiment



Third Brigade

Colonel William Heine (to 9/23)

Major W.H.H. Beadle


16th Indiana Battery



1st New York Artillery, Battery F



4th New York Heavy Artillery

Colonel J.C. Tidball


103rd New York Infantry Regiment

Colonel William Heine

to Kitching's Prov. Div., 1st Bde.

Pennsylvania Independent Battery I



104th Pennsylvania Infantry Regiment


to Kitching's Prov. Div., 1st Bde.

3rd Veteran Reserve Corps



Fourth Brigade

Colonel A. Farnsworth


Maryland Artillery Battery D



1st West Virginia Artillery, Battery C



1st Wisconsin Heavy Artillery, Bat. A



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