The Civil War in the East

U.S. Army

Department of West Virginia

Major General Franz Sigel (to May 21)

Major General David Hunter


First Infantry Division

Brig. Gen. J.C. Sullivan


First Brigade

Colonel A. Moore


Second Brigade

Colonel Joseph Thoburn


Second Infantry Division

Brig. Gen. George Crook


First Brigade

Colonel Rutherford B. Hayes


Second Brigade

Colonel Carr B. White


Third Brigade

Colonel H.G. Sickel


First Cavalry Division

Brig. Gen. Julius Stahel


First Brigade

Colonel W.B. Tibbetts


Second Brigade

Colonel J.E. Wynkoop


Second Cavalry Division

Brigadier General W.W. Averill


First Brigade

Brig. Gen. A.N. Duffie


Second Brigade

Colonel J.M. Schoonmaker


Third Brigade

Colonel J.H. Oley


Reserve Division Harpers Ferry

Brigadier General B.F. Kelly (to 5/21)

Major General Franz Sigel (after 5/21)


Monocacy to Sleepy Hollow



West of Sleepy Hollow

Brigadier General B.F. Kelly (after 5/21)


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