Confederate States Army Army of Northern Virginia

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Major General Magruder was relieved on July 3 and transferred to the West. The two brigades of his division were added to McLaws’ Division, which reported directly to Army headquarters.

Commanded by Major General Lafayette McLaws

Cobb’s Brigade

Brigadier General Howell Cobb from Magruder’s Division 7/3
16th Georgia Infantry Regiment Colonel Goode Bryan  
24th Georgia Infantry Regiment Colonel Robert McMillan  
Cobb’s Georgia Legion Colonel Thomas Reade Rootes Cobb  
2nd Louisiana Infantry Regiment Colonel Jesse M. Williams to Starke’s Brig. A.P. Hill’s Division.
15th North Carolina Infantry Regiment Lieutenant Colonel William MacRae  
Troup (Ga.) Artillery Captain Marcellus Stanley  

Griffith’s Brigade

Colonel William Barksdale from Magruder’s Division 7/3
13th Mississippi Infantry Regiment Lieutenant Colonel James W. Carter   
17th Mississippi Infantry Regiment Colonel W.D. Holder  
18th Mississippi Infantry Regiment Colonel Thomas M. Griffin (w 7/1)
Lieutenant Colonel William H. Luse
21st Mississippi Infantry Regiment Lieutenant Colonel William L. Brandon (w 7/1)
Colonel Benjamin G. Humphreys 
1st. Co. Richmond (Va.) Howitzers Captain Edward S. McCarthy  

Kershaw’s Brigade

Brigadier General Joseph B. Kershaw  
2nd South Carolina Infantry Regiment Colonel John D. Kennedy  
3rd South Carolina Infantry Regiment Colonel James D. Nance  
7th South Carolina Infantry Regiment Colonel David W. Aiken  
8th South Carolina Infantry Regiment Colonel John W. Henagan  
Alexandria (Va.) Battery Captain Delaware Kemper  

Semmes’ Brigade

Brigadier General Paul Semmes   
10th Georgia Infantry Regiment Colonel Alfred Cumming (w 7/1)
Lieuteant Colonel John Weems
53rd Georgia Infantry Regiment Colonel James P. Simms  
5th Louisiana Infantry Regiment Colonel Theodore Hunt to Taylor’s Bde., Ewell’s Div., Jackson 7/26
10th Louisiana Infantry Regiment Colonel Mandeville DeMarigny (res 7/28)
Lieutenant Colonel William H. Spencer
to Starke’s Bde., AP Hill’s Div., Longstreet
15th Virginia Infantry Regiment Colonel Thomas P. August (w 7/1)
Captain Emmett Masalon Morrison
32nd Virginia Infantry Regiment Lieutenant Colonel Willis  
Battery A, 1st North Carolina Artillery Captain Basil C. Manly  

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