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Commanded by Brigadier General Jubal A. Early

The Confederate Congress passed legislation at the end of October allowing the creation of army corps. The 2nd Army Corps was established from Jackson’s Command November 6, 1862.

Early’s Brigade Colonel William Smith  
13th Virginia Infantry Regiment Lieutenant Colonel James B. Terrill  
25th Virginia Infantry Regiment Lieutenant Colonel Patrick B. Duffy  
31st Virginia Infantry Regiment Lieutenant Colonel Francis M. Boykin  
44th Virginia Infantry Regiment Captain David W. Anderson  
49th Virginia Infantry Regiment Colonel William Smith  
52nd Virginia Infantry Regiment Lieutenant Colonel James H. Skinner  
58th Virginia Infantry Regiment Colonel Francis H. Board  
Hays’ Brigade Brigadier General Harry T. Hays
5th Louisiana Infantry Regiment Colonel Henry Forno  
6th Louisiana Infantry Regiment Lieutenant Colonel Nathaniel G. Offut (res. 11/7)
Colonel WIlliam Monaghan
7th Louisiana Infantry Regiment Colonel Davidson B. Penn   
8th Louisiana Infantry Regiment Lieutenant Colonel Trevannion D. Lewis  
9th Louisiana Infantry Regiment Colonel Leroy A. Stafford  
Lawton’s Brigade Colonel Edmund N. Atkinson  
13th Georgia Infantry Regiment Colonel James Milton Smith  
26th Georgia Infantry Regiment Captain Benjamin F. Grace  
31st Georgia Infantry Regiment Colonel Clement A. Evans  
38th Georgia Infantry Regiment Captain William McLeod  
60th Georgia Infantry Regiment Colonel William H. Stiles  
61st Georgia Infantry Regiment Captain James D. Van Valkerberg  
Trimble’s Brigade Colonel Robert Hoke  
15th Alabama Infantry Regiment Major Alexander A. Lowther  
12th Georgia Infantry Regiment Colonel Zephaniah T. Connor  
21st Georgia Infantry Regiment Lieutenant Colonel Thomas W. Hooper  
21st North Carolina Infantry Regiment Colonel Saunders Fulton  
1st North Carolina Sharpshooters Major Rufus N. Wharton  
Artillery Colonel Stapleton Crutchfield  
Louisiana Guard Artillery Captain Louis E. D’Aquin  
1st Maryland Artillery Co. Captain William F. Dement  
2nd Maryland Artillery Co. Lieutenant John E. Plater  
Courtney (VA) Battery Captain Captain Alfred R. Courtney  
Charlottesville (VA) Artillery Captain James McDowell Carrington  
Lynchburg (Virginia) Artillery Captain Charles I. Raine