Confederate States Army Army of Northern VirginiaJackson’s Command

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Commanded by Colonel Stapleton Crutchfield

Disbanded 10/4*

1st Virginia Artillery Battalion

Colonel J. Thompson Brown  
2nd Richmond (Va.) Howitzers Captain David Watson  
3rd Richmond (Va.) Howitzers Captain Benjamin H. Smith Jr.  
Powhattan (Va.) Artillery Captain Willis J. Dance  
Salem (Va.) Flying Artillery Captain Abraham Hupp
Captain Charles Beale Griffin
Hupp returned home in Oct. due to cancer
Williamsburg (Va.) Artillery Captain John A. Coke Disbanded 10/4*

Sumter (Ga.) Artillery Battalion

Lieutenant Colonel Allen S. Cutts  
Sumter (Ga.) Artillery, Battery A Captain Hugh M. Ross  
Sumter (Ga.) Artillery, Battery B Captain George M. Patterson  
Sumter (Ga.) Artillery, Battery D Captain James A. Blackshear  
Sumter (Ga.) Artillery, Battery E Captain John Lane  
Sumter (Ga.) Artillery, Battery G Captain William P. Lloyd disbanded after 9/25
Nelson’s Artillery Battalion Major William Nelson  
Milledge’s Regular (GA) Battery Captain John Milledge  
1st Fluvanna (VA) Artillery Captain Charles T. Huckstep  
2nd Fluvanna (VA) Artillery Captain John J. Ancell  
Amherst (VA) Artillery Captain Thomas J. Kirkpatrick  
Johnson’s Richmond (VA) Battery Captain Marmaduke Johnston  
Jones’ Artillery Battalion Major Hilary P. Jones  
Long Island (Va.) Battery Captain Abram Wimbish  
Louisa Morris (Va.) Artillery Captain Richard C. M. Page  
Richmond Orange (Va.) Artillery Captain Jefferson Peyton  
Wise Legion (Va.) Artillery Captain William H. Turner Disbanded 10/4*
Dixie (VA) Artillery Captain William H. Chapman Disbanded 10/4*
Yorktown ‘Magruder’ (VA) Artillery Captain Thomas J. Page Disbanded 10/4*