Confederate States Army Army of Northern Virginia * Longstreet’s Command

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Commanded by Brigadier General John B. Hood (promoted to Major General 10/10)

The brigades of George T. Anderson (formerly D.R. Jones’) and Henry Benning (formerly Toombs’) were transferred from D. R. Jones’ Division when that division was broken up due to Jones’ soon-to-be fatal heart disease. General Whiting, who had finally returned from sick leave, was permanently transfered to an engineering command, freeing Hood for promotion to major general and permanent command of the division.

Anderson’s Brigade

Colonel George T. Anderson from D.R. Jones’ Division
1st Georgia Regulars Infantry Regiment Captain Richard A. Wayne  
7th Georgia Infantry Regiment Lieutenant Colonel George H. Carmichal  
8th Georgia Infantry Regiment Colonel John R. Towers  
9th Georgia Infantry Regiment Lieutenant Colonel John C. Mounger  
11th Georgia Infantry Regiment Colonel Francis H. Little  

Hood’s Brigade

Colonel William T. Wofford   
18th Georgia Infantry Regiment Lieutenant Colonel Solon Z. Ruff  
Hampton Legion (S.C.) Infantry Lieutenant Colonel Martin C. Gary  
1st Texas Infantry Regiment Lieutenant Colonel Philip A. Work  
4th Texas Infantry Regiment Colonel John C.G. Key   
5th Texas Infantry Regiment Captain Ike N. M. Turner
Lieutenant Colonel Robert M. Powell
Law’s (Whiting’s) Brigade Colonel Evander McIvor Law (to BG 10/2)  
4th Alabama Infantry Regiment Colonel Pickney D. Bowles  
2nd Mississippi Infantry Regiment Colonel John M. Stone  
11th Mississippi Infantry Regiment Colonel Francis M. Green  
6th North Carolina Infantry Regiment Major Robert F. Webb   

Toombs’ Brigade

Colonel Henry L. Benning from D.R. Jones’ Division
2nd Georgia Infantry Regiment Lieutenant Colonel William T. Harris  
15th Georgia Infantry Regiment Colonel William T. McMillan  
17th Georgia Infantry Regiment Colonel Wesley C. Hodges  
20th Georgia Infantry Regiment Colonel John R. Cummings  


Major Bushrod W. Frobel  
Charleston German (SC) Artillery Captain William Kunhardt Bachman  
Palmetto (SC) Artillery Captain Hugh R. Garden  
Rowan (NC) Artillery Captain James Reilly