Confederate States Army Army of Northern Virginia

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Commanded by Major General Thomas J. Jackson

Ewell’s Division Brigadier General  Alexander Lawton (w 9/17)
Brigadier General Jubal Early
Early’s Brigade Brigadier General Jubal Early (^ 9/17
Colonel William Smith
Hays’s (Taylor’s) Brigade Brigadier General Harry T. Hays  
Lawton’s Brigade Colonel Marcellus Douglas (k 9/17)
Colonel John H. Lamar
Trimble’s Brigade Colonel James A. Walker  
Artillery Captain Arthur R. Courtney  
A. P. Hill’s Division Major General Ambrose Powell Hill  
Archer’s Brigade Brigadier General James J. Archer  
Branch’s Brigade Brigadier General Lawrence O. Branch (k 9/17)
Colonel James H. Lane
Field’s Brigade Brigadier General Charles W. Field  
Gregg’s Brigade Brigadier General Maxcy Gregg  
Pender’s Brigade Brigadier General William Dorsey Pender  
Stark’s Brigade Brigadier General William E. Stark  
J.R. Anderson’s Brigade Colonel Edward L. Thomas  
Artillery Lieutenant Colonel Reuben Lindsay Walker  
D.H. Hill’s Division Brigadier General Daniel Harvey Hill from Richmond area
G.B. Anderson’s Brigade Brigadier General George B. Anderson (mn 9/17)
Colonel Charles C. Tew (k 9/17)
Colonel R. T. Bennett
Colquitt’s Brigade Colonel Alfred H. Colquitt (to BG 9/17)  
Garland’s Brigade Brigadier General Samuel Garland Jr. (mw 9/17)
Colonel Duncan K. MacRae (w 9/17)
Colonel Daniel H. Christie
Ripley’s Brigade Brigadier General Roswell S. Ripley (w 9/17)
Colonel George P. Doles
Rodes’ Brigade Brigadier General Robert E. Rodes (w 9/17)  
Artillery Major Scipio Pierson  
Jackson’s Division Brigadier General John R. Jones (w 9/17)
Brigadier General William E. Starke (k 9/17)
Colonel Arnold J. Grigsby
(Stonewall) Brigade Colonel Andrew J. Grigsby (^ 9/17)
Colonel Robert D. Gardner
Jones’ Brigade Colonel Bradley T. Johnson (w 9/17)
Captain John E. Penn (w&c 9/17)
Captain A. C. Page (w 9/17)
Captain Robert W. Withers
Talliaferro’s Brigade Brigadier General William B. Talliaferro  
Stark’s Brigade Brigadier General William E. Stark (^)
Colonel Jesse M. Williams
Artillery Major Lindsay M. Shumaker  
Reserve Artillery Colonel Stapleton Crutchfield  
1st Virginia Artillery Battalion Colonel J. Thompson Brown  
Jones’ (VA) Artillery Battalion Major Hilary P. Jones  
Nelson’s Artillery Battalion Major William Nelson  
Sumter (GA) Artillery Battalion Lt. Colonel Allen S. Cutts  
Unattached batteries