Confederate Regiments & Batteries * Florida Regiments

May 28 Organized at Hanover Junction, Virginia, by the merger of the 6th Florida Battalion and three independent companies.

The regiment’s officers were:

Colonel John M. Martin, Lieutenant Colonel John W. Pearson and Major Pickens Bird.

Company A, Captain Enos. A. Davis
Company B, Captain John W. Pearson (became Lt. Colonel)
Company C, Captain Samuel E. Hope
Company D, Catain James F. Tucker
Company E, Captain Green H. Hunter
Company F, Captain A.P. Mooty
Company G, Captain S.M.G. Gary
Company H, Captain Matthew A. Knight
Company I, Catain William L. Frierson
Company K, Catain Jacob K. Eichelberger

The regiment was assigned to Finnegan’s Florida Brigade of Anderson’s Division of the Third Corps.

June 1-12
Battle of Cold Harbor

With the 8th Florida, counterattacked Federals who had driven back Breckinridge’s Division and restored the line. Lieutenant Colonel Pearson and Major Bird were mortally wounded

June 5 Major Bird died in Howard Grove Hospital in Richmond.
June 18 Marched to Chaffin’s Bluff, arriving at 2 a.m.
June 19 Continued march at dawn for Petersburg, arriving around midnight
June 22 Battle of Jerusalem Plank Road
June 28 Battle of Reams Station
July 30 Major General William Mahone was given permanent command of Anderson’s former division.
August 18-21
Battle of Weldon Railroad (Globe Tavern)

The brigade unsuccessfully assaulted a Federal position along the Weldon railroad.

September 30 Lt. Colonel Pearson died of his Cold Harbor wound at Augusta, Georgia.
Robert B. Thomas was appointed acting colonel
February 5-7
Battle of Hatcher’s Run (Dabney’s Mill)
April 2 With the death of A.P. Hill the Third Corps survivors reported to General Longstreet.
April 3 Left Petersburg in the early morning.
April 4 Crossed the Appomattox at Goode’s Bridge.
April 5 Arrived at Amelia Court House. Left for Farmville, marching all night.
April 6 Arrived at Sayler’s Creek.
April 9
Appomattox Court House

The regiment surrendered 15 officers and 108 men.