Confederate Regiments & Batteries

This list includes only those Georgia units that were involved in the fighting in Virginia. Many Georgia units took part in campaigns in the West or on the Carolina coast and are not listed here.

Infantry Regiments

1st Georgia Regulars • 2nd Georgia • 3rd Georgia4th Georgia
6th Georgia • 7th Georgia8th Georgia9th Georgia
10th Georgia • 11th Georgia12th Georgia13th Georgia • 14th Georgia
15th Georgia • 16th Georgia17th Georgia18th Georgia19th Georgia
20th Georgia21st Georgia22nd Georgia • 23rd Georgia* • 24th Georgia26th Georgia • 27th Georgia • 28th Georgia
31st Georgia • 35th Georgia • 38th Georgia
44th Georgia • 45th Georgia •  48th Georgia • 49th Georgia
50th Georgia • 51st Georgia • 53rd Georgia • 59th Georgia
60th Georgia • 61st Georgia • 64th Georgia
Cobb Legion Infantry • Philips Legion Infantry

Infantry Battalions

2nd Georgia Battalion • 3rd Georgia Sharpshooter Battalion10th Georgia Battalion


Macon Artillery • Pulaski BatteryCompany A Sumter Flying ArtilleryCompany B Sumter Flying Artillery • Company C Sumter Flying Artillery • Troop Battery


7th Georgia Cavaly Regiment8th Georgia Cavaly RegimentCobbs Legion Cavalry/9th Georgia Cavalry Regiment
10th Georgia Cavaly Regiment • 20th Georgia Cavalry Battalion  • Philips Legion Cavalry