Confederate Regiments & BatteriesGeorgia

August 31 Organized at Big Shanty for the duration of the war under the command of Colonel Robert H. Jones, Lieutenant Colonel J. Walter Pritchett and Major Joseph Wasden. Assigned to the Department of Georgia.
November-December Assigned to the Military District of Georgia, Department of South Carolina and Georgia.
December-April Moved to Virginia and assigned to Blanchard’s-Wright’s Brigade, Department of Norfolk.
January 3 Lieutenant George David of Company K resigned.
January 13 Lieutenant George W. Kenney of Company G resigned.
January 28 1st Lieutenant J.D. Ford of Company G resigned.
April-July Assigned to Wright’s Brigade, Huger’s-R.H. Anderson’s Division, Army of Northern Virginia.  The 44th Alabama Infantry and the 3rd, 22nd and 48th Georgia Infantry were brigaded together under Brigadier General Ambrose Wright.
March 20 Captai Thomas S. hundley of Company H resigned and Lieutenant E.E. Winn of Company D resigned.
April 19 South Mills
May 10 2nd Lieutenant N.B. Ford of Company G resigned.
May 19 Skirmish at City Point by one company.
May 31-June 1
Seven Pines

Colonel Harris was wounded.

June 2 Lieutenant Colonel Pritchett resigned. Major Joseph Wasden was promoted to lieutenant colonel, and Captain Lawrence Lallerstedt of Company A was elected major.
June 13 Lieutenant Thomas S. May of Company D resigned.
June 16 Captain H.W. Howell of Company E resigned.
June 25-July 1
Seven Days Battles
June 25
King’s School House (Oak Grove)

The regiment lost 10 men killed and 77 wounded.

July 1
Battle of Malvern Hill

Colonel Harris was again wounded. Lieutenant Samuel Smythe of Company A and Lieutenant Alexander Campbell of Company C were killed.

July-May Assigned to Wright’s Brigade, R.H. Anderson’s Division, Longstreet’s Command, Army of Northern Virginia.
July 3 Lieutenant D.M. Peeples of Company D resigned.
July 22 Captain William J. Walker of Company H resigned.
July 29 Captain J.D.W. MacDonald of Company D resigned due to disability.
August 6 Captain F.M Connaly of Company D died of fever at Petersburg.
August 28-30
Second Battle of Manassas (Bull Run)

Thr regiment lost 13 men killed and 50 wounded. Captain Joseph T. Albert of Company K was killed. Lieutenant S.B. Treadaway of Company G was mortally wounded.

August 31 Lieutenant Westley C. owen died of typhoid fever in Chimborazo Hospital in Richmond.
September 12-15
Siege of Harpers Ferry
September 17
Battle of Sharpsburg (Antietam)

The regiment crossed the Potomac at Blackford’s Ford and marched north through the fields to the west of the town of Sharpsburg and took position on the far eastern flank of the Sunken Road. It may have had only 60 men on the field due to casualties and straggling. Colonel Robert H. Jones took over the brigade as senior officer when General Wright was wounded, but was shot in the stomach and lung. Major Lawrence D. Lallerstedt took over the regiment but was himself wounded. Neither Colonel Jones nor Major Lallerstedt would return to command. Captain W.F. Jones of Company G was mortally wounded and captured.

October 8 Captain Priestly Willis of Company I resigned.
November 21 Captain John Gibson resigned due to ill health.
December 13
Battle of Fredericksburg
April 22 Colonel Jones resigned due to disability from his three wounds. Lieutenant Colonel Wasden was promoted to colonel.
May 1-4
Battle of Chancellorsville

Lieutenant Francis M. Heath of Company H was killed.

May Assigned to Wright’s-Girardey’s-Sorrel’s Brigade, R.H. Anderson’s Division, 3rd Corps, Army of Northern Virginia. Captain John Jones of Company G was cashiered.
July 1-3
Battle of Gettysburg

The regiment brought 400 men to the field, and lost about 160 casualties. Colonel Wasden was killed. Captain George Jones of Company B was wounded and captured. Captain Jeff Leonard of Company D was killed. Captain Joseph D. Foster of Company E was captured. Captain Joseph McAfee of Company I was wounded and captured. Captain Issac W. Callaway of Company K was mortally wounded and captured. Adjutant J.D. Daniel was captured. Lieutenant William Nesbit of Company E, was wounded, losing his arm, and captured. Lieutenant William J. Hall of Company G was wounded and captured. Lieutenants Oliver H.P. Beall and James L. Shirley of Company H were captured. Lieutenant Charles A. McAfee of Company I was killed.

From the monument to Wright’s Brigade at Gettysburg:

July 2. Formed line here in the forenoon. Advanced at 6 P. M. and dislodged Union troops posted near the Codori House capturing several guns and many prisoners. Pushing on broke the Union line at the stone wall south of the Angle and reached the crest of the ridge beyond capturing more guns. The supports on the right being repulsed and those on the left not coming up with both flanks assailed and converging columns threatening its rear it withdrew fighting its way out with heavy losses and unable to bring off the captured guns.

July 3. Advanced 600 yards to cover the retreat of Pickett’s Division. Afterward was moved to the right to meet a threatened attack.

July 4. In line here all day. At dark began the march to Hagerstown.

July 16 Major Lallerstedt resigned his commission due to disability from his Sharpsburg wound.
July 23
Manassas Gap

The regiment suffered 50 men casualties.

Bristoe Campaign
Mine Run Campaign
November 14 Captain Benjamin C. McCurry of Company C died of fever at Dallas, Georgia. Lieutenant Calvin Logue was elected captain of Company B.
May 5-6
Battle of the Wilderness

Lieutenant Joseph W. Alexander was captured.

May 8-21
Battle of Spotsylvania Court House

Lieutenant Harrison Broadwell of Company A was killed.

May 23-26
Battle of North Anna
June 1-3
Battle of Cold Harbor
Siege of Petersburg
July 30
Battle of the Crater

Captain George Rush and Lieutenant Elcan Levy of Company A were killed.

August 13-16
Deep Bottom

Captain Calvin Logue of Company B was killed. Lieutenant A. Knox Ramsey was wounded through the hip and disabled.

February 5-7
Hatcher’s Run 

Captain James Mercier was wounded.

April 3
Fall of Richmond

Captain Simeon Wallace of Company A was captured.

April 9
Appomattox Court House

The regiment surrendered 9 officers and 197 enlisted men.