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February 2 Moved to Blackwater Bridge, Virginia
April 8 To Suffolk. Attached to Longstreet’s command for the Siege of Suffolk
June 3 Moved to Fredericksburg and attached to Archer’s Brigade of Heth’s Division in the newly-created Third Corps under A.P. Hill.
June 15 Began the march for the Shenandoah Valley which led to Pennsylvania.
June 25 Crossed the Potomac at Shepherdstown
June 30 Camped near Cashtown
July 1 Battle of Gettysburg

Commanded by in the early fighting on the northwest side of Gettysburg along Chambersburg Pike. The regiment captured about 150 men of the 76th New York and 56th Pennsylvania Regiments of the Union 2nd Brigade, First Division, First Corps.

May General Davis was absent on sick leave as Grant opened the 1864 campaign. Colonel Stone took command of the brigade as senior colonel, and Captain J.H. Buchanan commanded the regiment.
May 5 Battle of the Wilderness (First Day)

Moved up the Orange Plank Road to meet Federal forces moving through the wilderness. The regiment was on the left of Heth’s Division, north of the Plank Road, and held off a series of attacks by Hancock’s Federal Second Corps. The brigade was relieved at dusk by Thomas’ Brigade of Wilcox’s Division and moved south of the Plank Road.

May 6 Battle of the Wilderness (Second Day)

The Federal pre-dawn attack broke the Confederate line but the 2nd, 11th, 29th and 42nd Mississippi held the line for two hours until Longstreet’s reinforcements reached the battlefield and launched a counterattack. The brigade reformed and attacked when Longstreet was wounded and his attack stalled. It pushed back Federals threatening an Alabama brigade, then built and defended a log barricade until withdrawn to Lee’s defensive line.