Confederate Regiments & Batteries * North Carolina

Of the 1,525 men who were commissioned or enisted in the 34th North Carolina Infantry Regiment during the Civil War, 208 were killed or died of wounds; 248 died of disease; 401 became prisoners, of whom 33 died while a prisoner; 73 were disabled; 4 were missing and 50 deserted.

October 25 The 34th North Carolina Infantry Regiment was organized at Camp Fisher near High Point for 12 months service under the command of Colonel Collett Leventhorpe, Lieutenant Colonel William A. Houck and Major Martin Shoffner.Company A – “Laurel Spring [or Springs] Guard” – Ashe County – Captain Stephen N. Wilson
Company B – “Sandy Run Yellow Jackets” – Rutherford County – Captain John Edwards
Company C – “Rutherford Rebeles” – Rutherford County – Captain M. O. Dickerson
Company D – “Oakland Guards” – Rowan County – Captain William S. J. Lawrence
Company E – “Shady Grove Rangers” – Lincoln County – Captain John F. Hill
Company F – “Floyd Rifles” – Cleveland County – Captain Abram G. Walters
Company G – “Mecklemburg Boys” – Mecklenburg County – Captain William R. Myers
Company H – “Rough and Readys” – Cleveland County – Captain Samuel A. Hovey
Company I – “Rutherford Band” – Rutherford County – Captain James O. Simmons
Company K – “Montgomery Boys” – Montgomery County – Captain David R. Cochran
October Assigned to the Department of North Carolina.
October 9 Captain David Cochran of company K resigned.
January Moved to Camp Mangum near Raleigh and mustered into Confederate service. Assigned to the District of Cape Fear, Department of North Carolina.
Major Shoffner resigned.
January 14 Moved to Goldsboro, numbering 37 officers and 709 enlisted men.
January 22 Weapons were distributed.
January 28 1st Lieutenant William A. Owens from the Betherl Regiment was trasferred in and promoted to major.
February 8-13 Moved to Halifax, then to Jamesville, Weldon and Tarboro.
March 1 Moved to Hamilton
March 25 Assigned to the Joseph R. Anderson’s Brigade, Department of North Carolina.
March-June Returned to Goldsboro.
March-June Assigned to the J.R. Anderson’s Brigade, Department of North Carolina.
March 31 Major Owens transferred to the 11th North Carolina Infantry Regiment as lieutenant colonel.
April 1 Colonel Levanthorpe transfered to become colonel of the 11th North Carolina Infantry Regiment.
April 2 Second lieutenant Charles C. Hammarskold of Company D was elected major.
April 5 Richard H. Riddick was appointed colonel.
April 11 Captain John Edwards of Company B died. First Lieutenant Joseph C. Byers was promoted to captain of Company B.
April 17-18 The 34th North Carolina Infantry Regiment was reorganized for the duration of the war.
Major Charles C. Hammarskold was elected lieutenant colonel.
Eli H. Miller was elected major.
Joseph C. Byers was elected captain of Company B.
John L. McDowell was elected captain of Company I.
April 23-26 Issued three day’s rations and moved by rail to Richmond and then to Guinea Station, south of Fredericksburg.
May 25 Moved to Ashland.
May 26 Moved to Halfsink, north of Richmond, and went into camp.
June-July Assigned to Pender’s Brigade, A.P. Hill’s Division, Longstreet’s Command, Army of Northern Virginia.
June 1 Captain Marcus O. Dickerson of Company C resigned. First Lieutenant Thomas L. Twitty was promoted to Captain of Company C.
June 25-July 1
Seven Days Battles

The regiment lost 53 men killed and 158 wounded during the week of fighting.

June 26
Beaver Dam Creek

The regiment became lost and missed the worst fighting. Five men were killed and six captured. First Lieutenant Daniel Hoyle of Company F was wounded.

June 27
Gaines’ Mill

The regiment was enfiladed by artillery and musketry and suffered heavily. Colonel Riddick was killed. The regiment lost 37 men killed, 84 wounded, and 3 men captured. Captain Abraham G. Waters of Company F was killed. First Lieutenants George Norment of Company G and Joseph A. Camp of Company H were wounded. Second Lieutenants G. J. Hutley of Company I and Burwell T. Colton of Company K were wounded.  Lieutenant Robert S. Reid of Company G was mortally wounded.

First Lieutenant Daniel Hoyle was promoted to captain of Company F.

June 30
Frazier’s Farm

The regiment charged and captured a battery of artillery. Nine men were killed. Lieutenants John P. Parks and Robert S. Cowan of Company D were killed.

July Assigned to Pender’s Brigade, consisting entirely of North Carolina regiments, A.P. Hill’s Division, Jackson’s Command, Army of Northern Virginia.
Lieutenant Colonel Hammarskold resigned. First Lieutenant H.W. Abernathy of Company E was elected lieutenant colonel, but soon resigned.
Captain John F. Hill of Company E resigned. W. O. Harrison was promoted to captain to replace him.
Second Lieutenants S. H. Douglas of Company D  and James F. Wilson of Company H died.
August 9
Battle of Cedar Mountain
August 28-30
Second Battle of Manassas (Second Bull Run)

The regiment lost 2 men killed and 23 wounded.

Captain Stephen Wilson of Company A resigned. Belson Wood was promoted to captain of Company A.

September 1
Battle of Ox Hill (Chantilly)

Major Miller was killed. The regiment lost 8 men killed, 20 wounded, and 4 captured.

September 7 Captain William S. J. Lowrance of Company D was promoted to colonel. Captain John L. McDowell of Company I was promoted to lieutenant colonel. Sergeant Joseph B. McGhee of Company G was elected major. Corporal C.K. McNeely was elected to captain of Company D. James Wood was promoted to captain of Company I.
September 12-15
Harpers Ferry
September 17
Battle of Sharpsburg (Antietam)

The regiment was commanded by Lieutenant Colonel John L. McDowell. It lost 1 man killed, 3 men wounded and 1 captured. Second Lieutenant James Bassinger of Company D was mortally wounded.

September 20
Battle of Shepherdstown Ford

7 men were wounded. Lieutenanr Perry Wilson of Company C was mortally wounded.

November Lieutenant Bryan Woody was mortally wounded.
December 4 Lieutenant Colonel John L. McDowell resigned.
December 13
Battle of Fredericksburg

The regiment lost 2 killed and 17 wounded.

Captain W.O. Harrison of Company E resigned. M.C. Davis was promoted to captain to replace him.

February 10 Captain Samuel A. Hovey of Company H resigned. Firat Lieutenant John A. Roberts was promoted to captain to replace him.
May 1-4
Battle of Chancellorsville

The regiment lost 18 men killed, 110 wounded, and 20 missing. Lieutenants Hiram Cox of Company A and P.D. Carpenter of Company E were killed.

May Assigned to Scales’ Brigade, Pender’s-Wilcox’s Division, 3rd Corps, Army of Northern Virginia.
George T. Gordon was appointed lieutenant colonel.
June 29 Captain Nelson Wood of Company A resigned. Lieutenant Hiram Abernathy transferred from Company E and was promoted to captain to command Company A.
July 1-3
Battle of Gettysburg

The 34th North Carolina brought 310 men to the field, and lost 14 men killed, 55 wounded and 46 captured. It was commanded by Colonel William L. J. Lowrance. He took over brigade command from the wounded Brigadier General Scales on July 1, and Lieutenant Colonel George T. Gordon took over the regiment. Colonel Lawrence was then wounded and Lieutenant Colonel Gordon took over the brigade until he, too was wounded. After a day of rest for the regiment on July 2 Colonel Lawrence was able to resume command of the brigade for Longstreet’s Attack on July 3.

Captains George Norment of Company G and James Wood of Company I were wounded. Captain C. K. McNeeley of Company D was captured. Captain Francis L. Twitty of Company C was promoted to major.

Lieutenants John N. Abernathy of Company G and G. J. Hutley of Company I were killed. Lieutenant Bartlett Y. Martin of Company A was wounded and captured. Lieutenants Jacob Hogue of Company F and Henry Jenkins of Company I were wounded.

From the monument to Scales’ Brigade at Gettysburg:

July 1. Crossed Willoughby Run about 3.30 P. M. relieving Heth’s line and advancing with left flank on Chambersburg Pike took part in the struggle until it ended. When the Union forces made their final stand on Seminary Ridge the Brigade charged and aided in dislodging them but suffered heavy losses. Gen. A. M. Scales was wounded and all the field officers but one were killed or wounded.

July 2. In position near here with skirmishers out in front and on flank.

July 3. In Longstreet’s assault the Brigade supported the right wing of Pettigrew’s Division. With few officers to lead them the men advanced in good order through a storm of shot and shell and when the front line neared the Union works they pushed forward to aid it in the final struggle and were among the last to retire.

July 4. After night withdrew and began the march to Hagerstown.

July 6

1 man was killed.

July 12

1 man was wounded and 1 captured.

July 14
Falling Waters

43 men were captured.

August 1
Skirmish at Brandy Station

7 men were captured.

Bristoe Campaign
Mine Run Campaign
December The regiment went into winter quarters at Orange Court House. It received a number of middle-aged recruits that were described as “not very willing or able.”
May 5-6
Battle of the Wilderness

The regiment lost 8 men killed, 20 men wounded, 7 men captured and 2 men missing.

May 8-21
Battle of Spotsylvania Court House

7 men were wounded.

May 22-26
North Anna

The regiment lost 1 man killed, 1 wounded and 17 captured.

June 1-3
Battle of Cold Harbor

1 man was wounded.

June 22

1 man was wounded and 2 captured.

July Adjutant W.B Lowrance was promoted to captain of Company K.
August 25
Reams’ Station

The regiment lost 5 men killed, 11 wounded and 1 captured.

September 29-30
Fort Harrison

1 man was wounded.

September 30
Jones’ Farm
December The regiment went ito winter qurters at Battery 45. Colonel William Lowrance took over the brigade when Brigadier General Alfred Scales left on sick leave.
February 2 Colonel William Lowrence went on sick leave and would not return to the army.
February 5-7
Hatcher’s Run

Five men were captured.

March 25
Fort Stedman

The regiment lost 9 men wounded and 56 captured.

April 2
Sutherland Station and Southside Railroad

32 men were captured.

April 4
Amelia Court House

1 man was captured.

April 9
Appomattox Court House

The 34th North Carolina Infantry Regiment surrendered 21 officers and 145 men.