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November-December A battalon of four companies (A-D) was formed and mustered into state service at Camp Hampton, near Columbia, under Major George Strother James.
January Companies E and F were added at White Point.
February 6 Company G was added and the battalion was mustered into Confederate service. Major James was promoted to lieutenant colonel, and Captain W.G. Rice was promoted to major.
August 20 The battalion was ordered to Virginia and was attached to Drayton’s Brigade of Jones’ Division of Longstreet’s Command.
August 28-29
Second Battle of Manassas (Second Bull Run)

The battalion was not engaged

September 14
Battle of South Mountain

The battalion lost 132 men of the 250 engaged at Fox’s Gap. Lieutenant Colonel James was killed and Major Rice was wounded and left for dead on the field, but made his way to safety. Captain Daniel Miller was captured. Captain George M. Gunnels took command of the regiment as senior officer.

September 17
Battle of Sharpsburg (Antietam)

Captain George M. Gunnels commanded the regiment. The battalion was on the far right of the Confederate line near the lower bridge over Antietam Creek (Burnside’s Bridge).

October 6 Captain Miller was exchanged and returned to the battalion.
November 15 Transferred to Kershaw’s Brigade of McLaws’ Division of the First Corps along with the 15th South Carolina Infantry Regiment.
December Major Rice returned from conbalescent leave and was promoted to lieutenant colonel. Captain George M. Gunnels of Company D was promoted to major, effective September 15.
December 13
Battle of Fredeicksburg
April 27 Major Gunnels resigned due to chronic rheumatism. Captain Daniel B. Miller of Company F was promoted to major.
May 2-4
Battle of Chancellorsville

The battalion lost 1 man killed and 8 wounded.

July 1-3
Battle of Gettysburg

The battalion was commanded by Lt. Colonel William G. Rice and brought 203 men to the field in seven companies. The battalion “shared in the attack on Peach Orchard and batteries near there on Wheatfield Road.” (from Kershaw’s Brigade marker on the Gettysburg battlefield.) It lost 12 men killed, 31 wounded, and 3 men missing including Major D.B. Miller, who was wounded on July 2.

September Transferred to the Western Theater with Longstreet.
Battle of Chickamauga
November 18
Siege of Knoxville
Longstreet’s crossing of the Holston (Battle of Bean’s Station)

Lieutenant Colonel Rice was badly wounded and disabled from future field service.

April The regiment returned to Virginia
May 4-5
Battle of the Wilderness
May 8-21
Battle of Spotsylvania Court House
May 24
North Anna River
June 1
Battle of Cold Harbor
October 19
Battle of Cedar Creek

Commanded by Captain B.M. Whitener, who was killed.

December Returned to Lee’s main army at Richmond.
December 5 Major Miller resigned to take up his office of Clerk of the Court of Richmond District, South Carolina. Captain P.F. Spofford took command of the battalion.
January 4 Ordered to South Carolina
January 12 Lieutenant Colonel Rice retired due to his Knoxville wounds.
March 16 Battle of Averasboro
March 19-21
Battle of Bentonville

One man was wounded.

March 23 The Battalion mustered 129 men.
April 26 Surrendered at Greensboro.