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September 1 Created with six companies under the command of Lieutenant Colonel Henry A. Edmundson.
September 27 Company G added
December Assigned to Colston’s Brigade, Elzey’s Command, Department of North Carolina and Southern Virginia
February-March Assigned to District of Abingdon, Department of East Tennessee
April-July Assigned to Marshall’s-Preston’s Brigade, Department of East Tennessee. Company I added.
July-August Assigned to Preston’s Brigade, Army of East Tennessee
September 30-October 17 Wheeler’s and Roddey’s Raid
October-November Assigned to Jones’s Cavalry Brigade, Department of Western Virginia and East Tennessee
October 3 Company H added
November-January Assigned to Jones’s Cavalry Brigade, Ransom’s Division, Department of East Tennessee
Siege of Knoxville
November 6 Rogersville
January 3 Jonesville
January-March Assigned to Jones’s Brigade, Cavalry, Department of East Tennessee
February 22 Gibson’s and Wyerman’s Mills, Indian Creek
March-April Assigned to Jones’s Brigade, Jones’s Division, Cavalry Corps, Department of East Tennessee
April-May Assigned to Jones’s Brigade, Cavalry, Department of East Tennessee. The regiment reported 240 effectives.
June 5
Battle of Piedmont
Lynchburg Campaign

Assigned to Ransom’s Division, Army of the Valley District

July Expanded into the 25th Virginia Cavalry Regiment by adding an additional company.