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Commanded by:
Brigadier General David McM. Gregg (to 12/25)
Colonel John P. Taylor

First Brigade   Colonel John P. Taylor  (^ 12/25)
Colonel David Gardner

1st Maryland Cavalry Regiment Major Charles H. Russell
1st Massachusetts Cavalry Regiment Colonel Horace B. Sargent
1st New Jersey Cavalry Regiment Major Myron H. Beaumont
6th Ohio Cavalry Regiment Lieutenant Colonel William Stedman
1st Pennsylvania Cavalry Regiment Lieutenant Colonel David Gerdner
3rd Pennsylvania Cavalry Regiment Captain James W Walsh
1st Rhode Island Cavalry Regiment Colonel John L. Thompson
Second Brigade   Colonel John I. Gregg
Orton’s District of Columbia Cavalry Co. Captain William H. Orton to Middle Department, 8 Corps
1st Maine Cavalry Regiment Lieutenant Colonel Charles H. Smith
10th New York Cavalry Regiment Major Matthew H. Avery
2nd Pennsylvania Cavalry Regiment Colonel Richard Butler Price from Army Provost Guard
4th Pennsylvania Cavalry Regiment Major George H. Covode
13th Pennsylvania Cavalry Regiment Lieutenant Colonel Garrick Mallery, Jt.
16th Pennsylvania Cavalry Regiment Lieutenant Colonel John K. Robison