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Commanded by Brigadier General Frank Wheaton

The First Division and the rest of the Sixth Corps returned to the Army of the Potomac around Petersburg on December 6, 1864.

First Brigade Captain B. Huffy
1st New Jersey Veteran Battalion Colonel William Henry
4th New Jersey Infantry Regiment Major Charles Ewing
10th New Jersey Infantry Regiment Colonel Henry O. Ryerson
15th New Jersey Infantry Regiment
Second Brigade Colonel Ranald S. Mackenzie
2nd Connecticut Heavy Artillery
65th New York Infantry Regiment Lieutenant Colonel Henry C. Fisk
121st New York Infantry Regiment
95th Pennsylvania Infantry Regiment Captain E. Carroll
Third Brigade Colonel I. C. Bassett (to 12/21)
Colonel Theordore S. Allen
37th Massachusetts Infantry Regiment
49th Pennsylvania Infantry Regiment Lieutenant Colonel Thomas M. Hulings
82nd Pennsylvania Infantry Regiment Lieutenant Colonel John M. Wetherill
119th Pennsylvania Infantry Regiment Colonel Peter Ellmaker
2nd Rhode Island Infantry Regiment
5th Wisconsin Infantry Regiment