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Commanded by Brigadier General Albion P. Howe

First Brigade Colonel R. F. Taylor
33rd New York Infantry Regiment Colonel Robert F. Taylor
49th Pennsylvania Infantry Regiment Lieutenant Colonel William Brisbane to 1 Div. 3 Brig.
119th Pennsylvania Infantry Regiment Colonel Peter C. Ellmaker
Second Brigade Colonel Henry Whiting (res. 2/9)
Colonel Lewis A. Grant
26th New Jersey Infantry Regiment Colonel Andrew J. Morrison
2nd Vermont Infantry Regiment Lieutenant Colonel James H. Walbridge (to Col. 2/9)
3rd Vermont Infantry Regiment Colonel Thomas O. Seaver
4th Vermont Infantry Regiment Colonel Charles B. Stoughton
5th Vermont Infantry Regiment Colonel Lewis A. Grant (^)
Lieutenant Colonel John R. Lewis
6th Vermont Infantry Regiment Colonel Oscar Tuttle
Third Brigade Brigadier General Thomas H. Neill
7th Maine Infantry Regiment Major Thomas W. Hyde
21st New Jersey Infantry Regiment Colonel G. Van Houton
20th New York Infantry Regiment Colonel Ernst Von Vegesack
49th New York Infantry Regiment Colonel Daniel D. Bidwell
77th New York Infantry Regiment Lt. Colonel Winsor B. French
Maryland Artillery, Battery B Captain Alonzo Snow
1st New York Independent Battery Captain Andrew B. Cowan
1st New York Artillery, Battery E Captain Charles C. Wheeler
Battery F, 5th United States Artillery Lieutenant Leonard Martin