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Commanded by:
Brigadier General Carl Schurz (to January 19)
Colonel Alexander Schimmelfennig

First Brigade Colonel Alexander Schimmelfennig (^ 1/19)
Colonel Gotthilf Boury D’Ivernois
82nd Illinois Infantry Regiment Colonel Frederick Hecker
68th New York Infantry Regiment Colonel Gotthilf Boury D’Ivernois (^ 1/19)
157th New York Infantry Regiment Colonel Philip P. Brown, Jr.
61st Ohio Infantry Regiment Colonel Stephen J. McGroarty
74th Pennsylvania Infantry Regiment Colonel John A. Hamm
Second Brigade Colonel Wladimir Krzyanowski
58th New York Infantry Regiment Captain Frederick Braun
119th New York Infantry Regiment Colonel Elias Peissner
75th Pennsylvania Infantry Regiment Colonel Francis Mahler
26th Wisconsin Infantry Regiment Colonel William H. Jacobs
1st Ohio Artillery, Battery I Captain Hubert Dilger
West Virginia Artillery, Battery C