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Commanded by
Major General George G. Meade (to January 26)
Brigadier General Charles Griffin

First Division Colonel James Barnes
First Brigade Colonel C. A. Johnson
Second Brigade Colonel J. B. Sweitzer
Third Brigade Colonel H. A. Weeks
Colonel T. B. W. Stockton
Second Division Brigadier General George Sykes
First Brigade Lieutenant Colonel Robert C. Buchanan (to 1/27)
Major R. S Smith
Second Brigade Major Charles S. Lovell
Major George L. Andrews
Third Brigade Colonel Patrick H. O’Rorke
Brigadier General Gouverneur K. Warren
Third Division Brigadier General Andrew A. Humphreys (to 1/27)
Colonel Edgar M. Gregory
First Brigade Colonel Edgar M. Gregory (^1/27)
Lieutenant Colonel D. W. Rowe
Second Brigade Colonel P. H. Allabach
Artillery Reserve
4th United States Artillery, Battery G