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Commanded by Brigadier General William W. Burns

First Brigade Colonel W. M. Fenton
2nd Michigan Infantry Regiment Lieutenant Colonel Louis Dillman
8th Michigan Infantry Regiment Major Ralph Ely
17th Michigan Infantry Regiment Colonel William H. Withington
20th Michigan Infantry Regiment Colonel Adolphus Williams
79th New York Infantry Regiment Lieutenant Colonel David Morrison
Second Brigade Colonel B. C. Christ
Colonel George W. Mindil

29th Massachusetts Infantry Regiment Lieutenant Colonel Joseph H. Barnes
46th New York Infantry Regiment Lieutenant Colonel Joseph Gerhardt
27th New Jersey Infantry Regiment Colonel George W. Mindil
50th Pennsylvania Infantry Regiment Captain William H. Diel
Third Brigade Colonel Daniel Leasure (to 1/27)
Colonel Thomas Welsh
36th Massachusetts Infantry Regiment Colonel Henry Bowman
45th Pennsylvania Infantry Regiment Colonel Thomas Welsh (^ 1/27)
100th Pennsylvania Infantry Regiment Colonel David A. Leckey
1st New York Artillery, Battery D
3rd United States Artillery, Batteries L&M Lieutenant Horace J. Hayden