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Commanded by:
Brigadier General John Gibbon (7/1)
Brigadier General William Harrow (7/2)
Brigadier General John Gibbon (w 7/3)
Brigadier General William Harrow

First Brigade Brigadier General William Harrow (^ 7/2)
Colonel Francis E. Heath (7/2)
19th Maine Infantry Regiment Colonel Francis E. Heath (^ 7/2)
Lieutenant Colonel Henry W. Cunningham
15th Massachusetts Infantry Regiment Colonel George H. Ward (mw 7/2)
Lieutenant Colonel George C. Joslin
1st Minnesota Infantry Regiment Lieutenant Colonel William Colville (w 7/2)
Captain Nathan S. Messick (k 7/3)
Captain Wilson B. Farrell (mw 7/3)
Captain Henry C. Coates
2nd New York State Militia Lieutenant Colonel James Huston (mw 7/2)
Captain John Darrow
Second Brigade Brigadier General Alexander Webb (w 7/3)
69th Pennsylvania Infantry Regiment Colonel Dennis O’Kane (mw 7/3)
Lieutenant Colonel Martin Tschudy (k 7/3)
Major James M. Duffy (w 7/3)
Captain William Davis
71st Pennsylvania Infantry Regiment Colonel Richard P. Smith
72nd Pennsylvania Infantry Regiment Colonel DeWitt C. Baxter (w 7/2)
Lieutenant Colonel Theodore Heiser
106th Pennsylvania Infantry Regiment Lieutenant Colonel William L. Curry
Third Brigade Colonel Norman J. Hall (to 7/18)
Colonel James E. Mallon
19th Massachusetts Infantry Regiment Lieutenant Colonel Arthur F. Devereaux
20th Massachusetts Infantry Regiment Colonel Paul J. Revere (mw 7/2)
Lieutenant Colonel George N. Macy (w 7/3)
Captain Henry L. Abbott
7th Michigan Infantry Regiment Captain Amos E. Steele, Jr. (k 7/3)
Major Sylvanua W. Curtis
42nd New York Infantry Regiment Colonel James E. Mallon
59th New York Infantry Regiment Lieutenant Colonel Max A. Thoman (mw 7/3)
Captain William McFadden