The United States Army > Department of Virginia > 4th Corps

< JuneJuly 1863

Commanded by Brigadier General Rufus King

The Fourth Corps was discontinued on August 1, 1863.

First Brigade Brigadier General Hector Tyndale
2nd Massachusetts Cavalry,
Companies A, B, C, D & K
to 22nd Corps, Washington
2nd New York Cavalry, Battalion to 22nd Corps, Washington
169th Pennsylvania Infantry Regiment Colonel Lewis W. Smith to 11 Corps, 1 Div., 4 Brig. 
8th New York Independent Battery to Dept. Va. & N.C., Yorktown
Second Brigade Colonel George E. Church (to 7/2)
5th Pennsylvania Cavalry Detachment to Dept. Va. & N.C., Yorktown
11th Rhode Island Infantry Regiment Colonel George E. Church left front to muster out 7/2
1st Pennsylvania Artillery, Battery E Captain Theodore Miller to Dept. Va. & N.C., Yorktown
2nd Wisconsin Independent Battery Captain Charles Berger to Dept. Va. & N.C., Yorktown
3rd Brigade Colonel Charles Klecker
168th New York Infantry Regiment Colonel William R. Brown to 11 Corps, 1 Div., 2 Brig. 
172nd Pennsylvania Infantry Regiment Lieutenant Colonel James A. Johnson to 11 Corps, 1 Div., 1 Brig.