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Commanded by:
Brigadier General James Cooper
(to July 7)
Brigadier General Christopher C. Augur

First Brigade Brigadier General James Cooper (to 7/16)
Brigadier General John W. Geary
3rd Maryland Infantry Regiment
102nd New York Infantry Regiment
109th Pensylvania Infantry Regiment Colonel Henry J. Stainrook
111th Pensylvania Infantry Regiment Colonel Matthew Schlaudecker
8th & 12th United States Infantry
Second Brigade Brigadier General John P. Slough (to 7/1)
Colonel James A. Tate 
(7/1 – 7/10)
Colonel Daniel Ullman 
(7/10 – 7/16)
Brigadier General Henry Prince 
(after 7/16)
3rd Delaware Infantry Regiment
1st District of Columbia Infantry Regt.
60th New York Infantry Regiment
78th New York Infantry Regiment
Purnell (Maryland) Legion Infantry
1st New York Light Artillery, Battery L