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Commanded by Brigadier General Irvin McDowell

The Department of Northeastern Virginia was created on May 27, 1861 to consist of that part of Virginia east of the Allegheny Mountains and north of the James River, except an area 60 miles around Fortress Monroe. Brigadier General Irvin McDowell formally took command May 28.

1st Division Brigadier General Daniel Tyler*
First Brigade Colonel Erasmus Keyes
Second Brigade Brig. Gen. R. C. Schenck
Third Brigade Colonel William T. Sherman
Fourth Brigade Colonel Israel Richardson
2nd Division Colonel David Hunter
First Brigade Colonel Andrew Porter
Second Brigade Colonel Ambrose Burnside
3rd Division Colonel Samuel P. Heintzelman
First Brigade Colonel W. B. Franklin
Second Brigade Colonel Orlando B. Wilcox
Third Brigade Colonel Oliver O. Howard
Reserve Division Colonel Dixon S. Miles
First Brigade Colonel Louis Blenker
Second Brigade Colonel T. Davies

*Tyler’s commission was in the Connecticut militia