United States Army > Army of Virginia > 2nd Corps

June 1862 • to July >

Commanded by Brigadier General Alpheus S. Williams

On June 26 the 1st Division of the Department of the Shenandoah became the 1st Division, 2nd Corps of the Army of Virginia.

First Brigade Brigadier General Samuel W. Crawford
5th Connecticut Infantry Regiment Colonel George D. Chapman from Shenandoah, 1 Div., 1 Brig. 
10th Maine Infantry Regiment Colonel George L. Beal
28th New York Infantry Regiment Colonel Dudley Donnelly
46th Pennsylvania Infantry Regiment Colonel Joseph F. Knipe
Second Brigade Brigadier General John Geary
5th Ohio Infantry Regiment Colonel Samuel H. Dunning from Rappahannock, Shields’ Div., 2 Brig. 
7th Ohio Infantry Regiment Lt. Colonel William Creighton from Rappahannock, Shields’ Div., 4 Brig. 
29th Ohio Infantry Regiment Colonel Lewis P. Buckley from Rappahannock, Shields’ Div., 3 Brig. 
66th Ohio Infantry Regiment Colonel Charles Candy from Rappahannock, Shields’ Div., 2 Brig. 
28th Pennsylvania Infantry Regiment Colonel Gabriel De Korponay from Shenandoah, 1 Div., 1 Brig. 
Third Brigade Brigadier General George H. Gordon 
27th Indiana Infantry Regiment Colonel Silas Colgrove from Shenandoah, 1 Div., 3 Brig. 
2nd Massachusetts Infantry Regiment Colonel George L. Andrews
29th Pennsylvania Infantry Regiment Captain Samuel M. Zulich
3rd Wisconsin Infantry Regiment Captain Thomas H. Ruger
Battery M, 1st New York Artillery Lieutenant James H. Peabody from Shenandoah, 1 Div., 1 Brig. 
Pennsylvania Independent Battery F Lieutenant Charles A. Atwell
Battery F, 4th United States Artillery Lieutenant Franklin B. Crosby